U-Days Reimbursement Policy

Thank you for your interest in Walla Walla University – we'd love to show you our campus! 

We understand that a visit to our campus can mean some added expenses, and we'd like to help by doing the following:*

  1. Getting Here – We reimburse half of a prospective student's travel expenses (gas or plane ticket), up to $350!** Plus, when you enroll at WWU we'll give you the other half up to another $350 which will be applied to the prospective student’s account after the 10th day of classes.

    If a sponsor brings three or more prospective students the sponsor will be eligible for reimbursement. The sponsor reimbursement scale is as follows.

    3 - 5 prospective students: 50% of travel up to $350.

    6 - 14 prospective students: 100% of travel up to $700.

    15+ prospective students: 100% of travel up to $1,000.

    If multiple sponsors come the reimbursement will be split equally between the number of sponsors. Sponsors are responsible to check their prospective students in at all required events and evening check. Failing to check in their students gives WWU the right to withhold reimbursement to the sponsor.

    If a rental car is needed for group travel (This would apply to groups driving from home. Not for groups flying and then driving), it must be pre-approved by the Guest Relations Coordinator using the following scale.

    3 - 6 prospective students: Cost of rental car and fuel up to total reimbursement*** of $700.

    7+ prospective students: Cost of rental car and fuel up to total reimbursement $1,000.

    NPUC Academies: WWU will reimburse mileage at WWU's current reimbursement rate for each appropriate vehicle after an appropriate invoice.

  2. Your Stay is on Us – We provide lodging for prospective students, parents, and sponsors. Student's will be hosted in residence halls with current WWU students. Parents and sponsors will be hosted in on-campus guest-rooms and at local hotels.

    1. Student's will want to be sure to pack a sleeping bag, towel and toiletries. 

  3. Meals – For your convenience, all your meals will be eaten in the cafeteria during U-days will be covered. 

  4. Airport Transportation – If you're flying into Walla Walla Regional Airport (ALW) or Pasco Regional Airport (PSC), we can provide transportation to/from these airports. Please provide a copy of your travel itinerary in advance to ensure that your pick-up/drop-offs are scheduled.

    Guests flying into a different airport will be responsible for their own transportation to Walla Walla University’s campus. Expenses of transportation from a different airport are not eligible for reimbursement unless pre-approved by the Guest Relations Coordinator.

To Be Eligible for Reimbursement:

  • Provide all fuel or flight receipts. Flight receipts must have the name of the prospective student and the dollar amount of the flight.
  • Attend all required events. (Be sure to check last years schedule to get an idea of the required events and their general times.)
  • Submit your registration for U-Days prior to the registration deadline.
  • Requests for visit reimbursement must be made no later than 60 days after U-Days.
  • Provide all original itemized receipts for reimbursement.

If you have questions or would like additional information about setting up a visit to Walla Walla University, please contact Guest Relations at (509) 527-2875  or guestrelations@wallawalla.edu.

*Walla Walla University will help cover your expenses for one personal campus visit and one U-Days visit.

**On a $400 plane ticket we would give you $200 for the first half of your reimbursement and another $200 scholarship upon enrollment. If your plane ticket was $600 we would reimburse you $300 for the first half and another $300 scholarship upon enrollment. If your plane ticket was $800 we would reimburse you $350 for the first half and another $350 scholarship upon enrollment.

*** Total reimbursement means the maximum amount WWU will reimburse is $700. For example, you can not receive $700 in rental car and reimbursement for a plane ticket.