Ready, set, research!

What students have been up to at Rosario Beach this summer



The largest group of students since 2015 were enrolled in classes this summer at Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory. There were a total of 48 students from both Walla Walla University and Southern Adventist University, and 35 of them took upper-division courses. The classes offered this summer included Marine Ecology, Marine Ecotoxicology, Ornithology, Phycology, General Biology, and Research in Biology.  

Students in Marine Ecology conducted crab research which assisted government agencies in finding the invasive European green crab species. Professors, graduate students, and even undergraduates also conducted research projects on a plethora of topics including:

  • Seagrass wasting disease in Eelgrass. 
  • Sea anemone regeneration.
  • Burrowing behavior of octopus.  
  • Disease in California sea cucumbers.

Outside of research and classes, students were able to attend weekly worships led by fellow students, professors, and chaplain Johnathan Coker, from Chisholm Trail Academy. Events throughout the summer were captured by a strategic communication major undertaking a social media internship. Students made memories together from the exciting activities throughout the summer, including:  

  • Playing capture the flag. 
  • Fourth of July fireworks show.
  • Annual T-shirt design contest.
  • A talent (or lack thereof) show. 
  • Taking a ferry to Friday Harbor.
  • A sabbath hike at Mount Baker.

Classes often learned through field trips that involved tidepooling and camping on the coast. Back on campus, interns spent time out in the ocean either on boats gathering data or scuba diving. Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory provides a place for students from WWU and sister Adventist schools to study marine science and conduct field research all while in a Christian setting. 

To see more of what being a student at Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory is like, go to @rosariobeachmarinelab on Instagram.  

Posted on September 21, 2022. 


Group photo of everyone at Rosario
Students, professors, and staff all smile together for a group photo at the end of the summer.
Students smiling on a boat
The ornithology class took the boat out to go bird-watching at different islands.
Student smiles while holding sea creature
Students were given opportunities to interact with sea creatures through tidepooling and deep-sea trawls.