Masters of mental health

New program offers MSW graduates chance to earn LICSW licenses

The Blue Mountain Health Co-op is a local organization dedicated to the mental health of clients and providers within the community. The new outpatient program offers a unique experience for Walla Walla University Master of Social Work (MSW) alumni who wish to become licensed independent clinical social workers (LICSW).

Recent MSW graduates who are seeking to become licensed are given opportunities to work with clients under free supervision in order to complete direct service hour requirements. This helps graduates as they begin their careers because being licensed opens more social work career paths, and licensed social workers can open private practices and serve as clinical supervisors.

Deisy Haid, assistant professor of social work at WWU, said regarding the new outpatient clinic, “I find it exciting that the clinic functions to provide client support, professional development support, and workforce development for our community.”

The new outpatient clinic is the brainchild of Alayna Brinton, social worker and co-op executive director; Melissa Adam, social worker; and Haid. The three observed the need for clients to have access to long term counseling alongside the current walk-in clinic, and decided to offer the service.

The co-op, located in Eastgate, Washington, provides walk-in and outpatient mental health care, and now supports recent MSW graduates as they continue their career.


Posted Oct. 7, 2021

People standing in front of a building holding a red ribbon
The Blue Mountain Health Cooperative outpatient clinic will provide learning opportunities for MSW graduates and long-term mental health care for community members.