Dr. Trust in God

By Franice & Thacia Stirling  ©2008

PACO:  We surely have seen a lot of doctors this week.

TINA:  Mama took me to the first doctor,  Dr. Exercise.  Remember, I was just sitting around watching TV all day.  

PACO:  Yes.  And you wouldn't play with me.  I am glad you are back to playing sports.  It was no fun without you.

MAMA:  And I am happy to see you willing to run errands and work in the garden.

GRANDMA:  And then I needed the doctors.  

PACO:  Tina and I talked to Dr. Sunshine in the park.

GRANDMA:  And then he sent Dr. Fresh Air to visit me.  I feel so much better now that I have taken their advice.  

PACO:  And your house smells better.

TINA:  Shhhh!  Paco!

GRANDMA:  It is alright.  Paco is right.  The house is much fresher now.

PACO:  Let's see.  Dr. Exercise, Dr. Sunshine, Dr. Fresh Air....

TINA:  Dr. Nutrition.  Then my TV watching was useful.

PAPA:  Yes, that TV program was worthwhile.  I think we came up with a very nice supper for Mama that evening, too.  I am glad to see you two enjoying more fruits and vegetables now.

PACO:  I don't want to ever feel like I did after those two sugary meals.

TINA:  Me neither.  

GRANDMA:  Can you list those doctors for us, again, Paco?

PACO:  Sure'. Dr. Exercise, Dr. Sunshine, Dr. Fresh Air, Dr. Nutrition, ...and who was next?

TINA:  It was Dr. Water.  Mama had him come to supper, because we were being so bad about taking our baths.

PACO:  Yes.  And not washing our hands.  It is a wonder that we weren't sick all the time. 

TINA:  And we need the water inside our bodies as well as on the outside.

PACO:  Dr. Exercise, Dr. Sunshine, Dr. Fresh Air, Dr. Nutrition, Dr. Water, and who was next?

GRANDMA:  My good neighbor.  

PACO:  Oh, yeah!  Dr. Sleep.  He was there when we needed him that day, wasn't he?

TINA:  Yes.  I was amazed at all the things sleep can do for the body and mind. 

PACO:  Me, too.  Sleep is important, not something to skip.

PAPA:  Okay, Paco.  

PACO:  Dr. Exercise, Dr. Sunshine, Dr. Fresh Air,  Dr. Nutrition, Dr. Water, Dr. Sleep, and .. and...Dr. T.

TINA:  Dr. T?

PACO:  Dr. Temp.. Temp... Temperance.  There I got it!

PAPA:  Do you remember what temperance means?

PACO:  Avoid what is bad and use what is good moderately.

PAPA:  Very good!

TINA:  We aren't going to throw away our health and money and futures on cigarettes, alcohol, and tobacco.  

PACO: We want to be the best we can be.

TINA:  And we choose.  We don't let friends choose for us.

PACO:  Are there any more doctors?

GRANDMA:  Yes.  I've been attending some meetings.  I thought you might like to come with me this evening.  Tonight's speaker is Dr. Trust in God.

PACO:  Another doctor!

PAPA:  That sounds interesting.  Let's all go.


DR. TRUST:  Good evening, everyone.  I am so glad you could come to this important meeting.

[Whispering sounds from Paco and Tina.]

MAMA:  Shhh! children.

DR. TRUST:  Our topic this evening is Trust in God.  You might wonder how that can affect your health.  We have learned how exercise, sunshine, fresh air, nutrition, water, sleep, and temperance helps keep the body well and how it helps the body to heal, but God is the real power behind these things.  He gives life and healing, using these things he has made.  

            We need to trust God that he will take care of us.  Then we will have peace of mind.  When people are worried it can affect their bodies' health.  They can get high blood pressure, which is bad for the heart.  They can get problems digesting their food.  They can have sleep problems and lack of energy.  Headaches, obesity, skin problems,  and back pain are just a few of the health affects of stress.  The mind and body are one system.  What affects the mind will affect the body.  

            When you are feeling stressed, go to God.  Read the Bible. Pray.  Worship with other believers.  Remember, Jesus is the Great Physician.  When He was on earth, he went around healing people.  He wants to do the same for us today.

            Now, I have talked long enough.  Perhaps some of you in the audience have questions you would like to ask.

PAPA:  Could you explain a little more about how the body responds to stress that can cause all the health problems you mentioned?

DR. TRUST:  Certainly.  The response the body makes when the brain senses danger is very interesting.  The nervous system responds by making a lot of stress hormones that race through the blood stream.  More blood is sent to the large muscles so we can fight or run away.  The pupils in the eyes get bigger so we can see better.  The blood sugar increases for more energy.  Other body systems slow down, such as digestion, growth, and the immune system.  Yes, young man?

PACO:  What is the immune system?

DR. TRUST:   That is how the body fights germs.  When the body detects something harmful, it begins to make war on those germs.  It produces special blood cells to surround and kill the harmful cells that have entered the body.  

MAMA:  So if the immune system slows down, we can get sick easier?

DR. TRUST:  Yes.  Feeling stressed, or worried, or in danger makes it hard for the body to fight disease. People who have experienced a death in the family, divorce, loss of job, accident, or health problem are all at risk for being stressed.  

PAPA:  What are some good ways to deal with stress?

DR. TRUST:  Exercise, Sunshine, Fresh Air, Good Nutrition, Clean Water, Sleep, and Temperance all are good ways to overcome stress.  They are not only good for physical health, but also mental health. If we want the full cure, though, we need to trust in our loving Heavenly Father to be with us and to help us through these stressful times. 

GRANDMA:  Can you explain more about how we can develop trust in God?

DR. TRUST:  God has given us a gift to help us learn to trust him.  It is the Sabbath:  one day a week, when we set aside our work and worries and spend the day with Him.  However, we do not need to limit our worship to one day a week.  Spend some time each day reading the Bible, praising God in song, and praying.  Don't wait until you have something stressing you to go to God.  Tell him your little problems, before they become big problems.  Make Him your friend now.


MAMA:  Grandma, I'm glad you invited us.  I enjoyed that talk.

TINA:  And the speaker knew all the doctors we've been meeting this week.

PAPA:  Paco.  Would you like to list the doctors again for us?

PACO:  Dr. Exercise, Dr. Sunshine, Dr. Fresh Air, Dr. Nutrition, Dr. Sleep, Dr. Temperance, and Dr. Trust in God.

TINA:  That was only seven. I think you forgot one.  Try again.

PACO:  Dr. Exercise, Dr. Sunshine, Dr. Fresh Air, Dr. Nutrition, Dr. Water, Dr. Sleep, Dr. Temperance, and Dr. Trust in God.

PAPA:  Now you have them all, son.

MAMA:  Maybe the children watching would like to say the doctors' names.  Can we give them some hints?

TINA:  Make a muscle.  That is Dr. Exercise.

PACO:  Look up and shut your eyes.  That is Dr. Sunshine.

TINA:  Take a deep breath.  That is Dr. Fresh Air.

PACO:  Pretend to eat food.  That is Dr. Nutrition.

TINA:  Pretend to drink.  That is Dr. Water.

PACO:  Rest you head on your hands and shut your eyes.  That is Dr. Sleep.

TINA:  Put up your hand like you are stopping someone from giving you something bad.  That is Dr. Temperance.

PACO:  Put your hands together like you are praying.  That is Dr. Trust in God.

ALL:  Now altogether:  Dr. Exercise, Dr. Sunshine, Dr. Fresh Air, Dr. Nutrition, Dr. Water, Dr. Sleep, Dr. Temperance, and Dr. Trust in God.  Eight ways to have the  happy, healthy life God wants you to have.