Instructor Expectations

Submit an application for consideration for approval to serve as a dual credit instructor.

Construct a course syllabus using the "university syllabus guidelines" after consulting the syllabus for the on campus course. The syllabus is submitted to the university distance learning committee at least one month before the course for consideration of approval.

Complete an online orientation for dual credit instructors.

Teach only one dual credit course per term.

Submit dual credit registration forms to the WWU Academic Records office within one week of the start of the course.

Use Brightspace by D2L course management software for recording scores and making materials accessible.

Keep course materials and scores updated in Brightspace.

Have a minimum of 10 hours of instruction per credit hour and a total of 30 hours per credit of student effort (including class attendance). This is a US Department of Education requirement.

Consult with the assigned university course advisor at least twice during the course term.

Send a copy of the proposed final exam, project, or paper for review by the university course advisor at least two weeks before the due date.

Evaluate instructor and course effectiveness using the university student evaluations system.

Submit final course grades to the WWU Academic Records office within one week of the end of the term.