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Graduate Education Program (M.Ed., M.I.T.)

The School of Education offers three master's degree programs and several areas of specialization:

  1. Master of Education (M.Ed.) with the following concentration areas:
    • 21st Century Teaching & Learning
    • Educational Leadership
    • Literacy Instruction (Reading endorsement included)
    • Special education track (SPED endorsement included, fully online and start any quarter with discounted tuition)
  2. Master of Initial Teaching (MIT)
    • Instruction with Certification (Elementary) 
    • Instruction with Certification (Secondary)

Program highlights

  • No GRE or Thesis required
  • Flexibility should scheduling conflicts occur
  • Discounted tuition available for teachers
  • Significant reduction in hours if completing a 2nd Masters
  • Individualized specialization option to tailor courses towards your area of interest
  • Online classes

Application deadline

  • Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis provided space is available. You may take up to 12 credits before being admitted and have those courses apply towards the master’s program of study.

Current NPUC teachers can receive tuition waivers.

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  • Regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU)
  • Washington State board of Education for Teacher Certification accredited
  • Low student-faculty ratio

These programs teach basic research skills and techniques; focus on research in emerging policy, practice, and professional life; address contemporary issues, needs, and trends in education and psychology; provide supervised practicums in the area of specialization; and assist students in the development and application of a philosophy of Christian service.

Required credits

  • 46 or 52 for M.Ed. Special Education (includes WA SPED endorsement)
  • 47 or 49 for M.Ed. Literacy Instruction (includes WA Reading Endorsement)
  • 48 for M.Ed. 21st Century Teaching & Learning
  • 52 for M.Ed Educational Leadership and Special Education
  • 49 or 52 for M.Ed. Educational Leadership (SDA Principal Certification)
  • 61-68 for M.I.T. Secondary Education (earn your secondary teaching certificate)
    • Must pass a basic skills and endorsement content state exam and have 45+ credits in an endorsable content area.
  • 87-96 for M.I.T. Elementary Education (earn your elementary teaching certificate)
    • Must pass basic skills state exam and have 45+ credits in an endorsable content area.


Teachers can finish in two years for the SPED degree. Most concentrations for M.Ed are completed in 4 summers or less. M.I.T is 2 years full-time, on-campus or commuting, including student teaching hours.


New fully online format with flexible options for Special Education degrees. M.I.T. certification options are on-campus, all others are summer-only courses with online coursework for convenience.

Loan repayment as low as $209 if using financial aid.*

  • Scholarships, Grants, Financial aid, Stafford Loans and ‘pay-as-you-go’ plans are available.
  • Teacher Loan Forgiveness of up to $5,000 or more is available for teachers who teach for five years in low-income schools and meet other requirements.
  • 33% tuition discounted extended to full-time teachers employed within 200 miles (aprox.) for any education master’s provided they show copy of district’s contract. If you receive discounted tuition, no other financial aid such as grants or scholarships can be offered by the institution.
  • Learn more about finances for graduate students >
  • Current NPUC teachers can receive tuition waivers. Learn more >

*The repayment example set forth is for illustrative purposes only and was calculated based on a standard amortization federal Stafford loan assuming a loan amount of $20,102, a payment term of 10 years, and a fixed interest rate equal to 4.3%. Loan amount of $20,102 is based on the total tuition price for the discounted SPED M.Ed. program. Your total loan amount may vary based on program selection. The loan calculator used in this example is available at It is your responsibility to verify your eligibility by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid at All loans are subject to federal student aid guidelines. The actual interest rate may change periodically based on federal regulations. If you elect to defer payments until graduation, loan interest may accrue during deferment.

Master's in Education Grant

This grant is awarded to students who show need through the financial aid application process. This $2,600 grant is disbursed at a rate of $650 each quarter—fall, winter, spring, and summer.

Master's in Education Departmental Scholarships

of $1,360 are awarded to each student who holds a bachelor’s degree from WWU and whose cumulative grade point average (GPA) was at least 3.0. One-fourth of the scholarship is disbursed each quarter.

Master's in Education Merit Scholarships

are awarded in recognition of an outstanding undergraduate GPA. One-fourth of the scholarship is disbursed each quarter—fall, winter, spring, and summer—of a recipient’s first year in the program.

Undergrad GPAAward
3.9 – 4.0$1,000 ($250 per quarter)
3.8 – 3.98$750 ($187 per quarter)
3.7 – 3.79$600 ($150 per quarter)
3.5 – 3.69$500 ($125 per quarter)


Note: The grants and scholarships listed above are available to United States citizens only.

Career outcomes

Obtaining your master’s degree in education can lead to positions such as: Teacher, Lead Teacher, Department Chair, Reading Specialist, Curriculum Director, Instructional specialist, Principal (denominational schools), Teacher on Special Assignment.


Debbie Muthersbaugh, Dean
School of Education and Psychology

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