Testimonials from Previous Student Summer Tours

Student from previous summer student tours where asked if they would recommend a trip like this to future students. Below is a sample of their responses.

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"Do it! You'll never get a chance to do something like this again! Even if you would never visit all the same sights again, its a great opportunity to do something that probably wouldn't cross your path again! Besides if you need the credits it basically pays for itself. Not to mention the upstanding and handsome fearless leader Carl Cosaert, the trip is well organized, but not so organized its boring. I'm Brian Gadd and I approve this message!"

"I would tell any person who was interested in taking the classes or who needed bible credit and didn't want to sit through two 9 week religion courses that I had had an AMAZING and fun experience and that they would be crazy to pass up the opportunity... It was REALLY REALLY fun!"

"It was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in traveling and Bible history (especially Paul). The cities were amazing and the information was good, just enough to keep you interested but not enough to overload your senses. If anyone is worried about the homework they shouldn't be because you can pretty much get it all done before or after the trip and just enjoy the trip as a vacation."

"It was pretty awesome. It makes parts of the Bible come alive, and it's so cool to be able to picture where those places are and what they look like, and to try and think of how they were in Biblical times. I don't regret going on the trip one bit, all of that was totally worth it. I have so many great stories and amazing pictures, and I actually made a few really awesome new friends!"

"I would say that they will regret not going. It is literally the chance of a lifetime to go on a tour like this. When I am in church and I hear a text, I think of the people and the city that received that letter. I feel like my faith in the Bible has become much more firmly rooted in the tangible evidence of my experiences in Turkey and Greece. I had to take out a loan for the trip but I do not regret it. It was definitely worth the money and I got a couple of classes taken care of."

"I would definitely tell them to go.  It is such a great experience to travel and learn a different culture AND get credits at the same time.  Being in the footsteps of Paul rather than just learning about it brings the course material to life.  I wish I could take all my credits this way."

When I first heard about Bible Lands Tour 2009, I was not interested at all in going.  But some of my friends who were going on the trip convinced me that I should come.  What a life-changing experience! Bible Lands Tour is an adventure of a lifetime! I saw HUGE amazing structures built by the Romans that were engineered so perfectly that they are still standing today.  I didn't only learn Greco-Roman culture, I saw, breathed, and lived Greco-Roman culture!  On Bible Lands Tour, I learned and experienced the jaw-dropping sights of the very same cities Paul visited and preached over a thousand years ago.  If you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that you will remember forever (Plus earn eight Bible credits while doing it!), then I encourage you to check out Bible Lands Tour and taste, see, and live Turkey and Greece for yourself."

"I would tell them they should most definitely go! The tour was an amazing experience that made the Bible come alive for me.  I learned an immense amount by being at the sites, it was far more beneficial to my depth of understanding then any amount of reading I could have done."

"I would without a doubt encourage them to go. This is an amazing opportunity that every willing and able student should take advantage of! No other class on campus rivals the opportunity to follow the footsteps of Paul, bringing everything we study in a classroom to life. This trip was a culturally, spiritually, and individually eye-opening experience. It is my hope that others will make the same choice I did and enjoy this experience of a lifetime!"

"The Bible lands tour was worth every penny.  It is an experience many people envy, I have come to learn when telling people of my experience.  This is the perfect time, all the hard work of planning is done for you (Dr. Cosaert)... and the students that went were a blast.  I feel that reading the stories in Revelation and those in Acts, Romans, Corinthians, etc, are much more enjoyable now.  I am able to get a mental picture of the story, especially those in Acts, now that I have seen the city and I have a better understanding of the early churches.  This was the trip of a lifetime with unforgettable memories.  Traveling with a group from Walla Walla was the way to go, and a good way to get answers to any questions you many have from Dr. Cosaert, or Dr. Stefanovic, and not to mention our amazing tour guide who was a wealth of knowledge, Hakan. This trip was a lot of fun, it helps clarify the Bible, and guides you to a deeper kind of faith.  Thank you for all your hard work planning this trip Dr. Cosaert, it was one I will never forget!"

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