Tour Itinerary: Days 22 - 24

July 14: Jerusalem

We continue our tour of Jerusalem by spending our entire morning visiting the Temple Mount area. Our first stop is to the Temple Mount itself, the place where the Jewish temple was originally located, and the place of the Dome of the Rock today. After touring the Temple Mount, we will head for an underground tour of the Rabbi Tunnels, passageways that run along the foundation stones of the ancient temple mount that date to the time of Herod the Great. Our final stop is the Davidson Center where will be see several exhibits as well as walking around the ancient entrances to the Temple. After lunch we visit the Israel Museum. Founded in 1965 as the national museum of Israel , the museum has become one of the leading art and archaeology museums in the world. The Museum has extensive collections of biblical archaeology, Judaica, ethnography, fine art, and artifacts. It is also the home to the Shrine of the Book which houses the Dead Sea Scrolls discovered 1947–56 in 11 caves in and around Qumran, as well as archaeological remains from the Zealots who died at Masada. The museum also is home to the Aleppo Codex, a 10th-century manuscript believed to be the oldest complete copy of the Jewish Scriptures in Hebrew. Another popular attraction of the museum is a detailed model of the topography and architectural character of the city as it was in A.D. 66, the year in which the Great Revolt against the Romans erupted, leading to the eventual destruction of the city and the Temple. Dinner and overnight in Jerusalem.

July 15: The Way of the Cross

Today we experience the fateful Friday that led to Jesus crucifixion two thousand years ago. We begin at the Mount of Olives as we work our way to the Garden Tomb. Along the way we will visit the Church of St Peter in Gallicantu (the location where Jesus was tried by Caiaphas), and Ecco Homo Convent (the location where Jesus was tried by Pilate), and then the Via Dolorosa, the way of suffering as Jesus carried his cross to Golgotha. We will visit both the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Garden Tomb. At the end of the day we will drive to Tel Avis to catch our evening flight back to the US. Before doing to the airport, we will stop for supper in Joppa (the palace where Jonah tried to escape God's calling on his life). Our plane back to the US leaves shortly after midnight on July 16.

July 16: Depart for Home

After three weeks traveling through the Bible Lands, our trip has come to an end. While it will be good to be home, you'll never forget the experience we shared together.

See pictures, videos, and blogs about how much fun we had on our last tour on the bible lands study tour website.

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