Tour Itinerary: Days 11-13

August 8th: Pergamum, Assos, Alexandria Troas

A most memorable experience will be Pergamum, with its acropolis and Great Theater, the steepest of the ancient world. With its many pagan temples, it is no wonder that Revelation 2:12-16 describes Pergamum as the place "where Satan's seat is." We will visit the temple of Trajan, the altar of Zeus, the Red Hall (once a pagan temple, it later converted into a Christian church), and finally, walk through the Asclepion, a famous medical center in antiquity. 

After our visit to Pergamum, we will travel to Assos where during Paul's third missionary journey he sailed across to Mitylene on Lesbos Island (Acts 20:14) before eventually sailing to Miletos where he met the Ephesian elders (Acts 20:15-38). From here we will travel a short was to Alexandria Troas. Known simply as Troas in the Bible, Troas played an important role in Paul's ministry. It was in Troas that Paul received his vision to come to "Macedonian" in Europe. This is also the location where Luke's account changes from "they" to "we" (Acts 16:6-12), indicating that Luke joined Paul at Troas. Returning from Macedonia during his third journey, Paul stayed in Troas for a week. On a Saturday night before he was supposed to leave to Assos, a young man named Eutychus fell from a third floor window during Paul's farewell message. Although the fall had killed the boy, Paul miraculously brought him back to life. Dinner and lodging in Canakkale.

August 9th: Istanbul

On our final day, we will reflect on the insights of our trip and enjoy the sites and sounds of Turkey as we take a ferry from Canakkale to Istanbul for a little free time in the Grand Bazaar or an optional trip to the Topkapi Palace.  Dinner and lodging in Istanbul.

August 10th: Return Home

Transfer from your hotel to the airport for the flight home. What an amazing trip to share with your friends!

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