Missionary pilot program

AngelOne presents missionary opportunities for aviation majors

Jud Wickwire, AngelOne director, and Trevor Hendricks, AngelOne standards and systems manager, presented to Walla Walla University aviation students about opportunities to use their skills in the mission field. 

Wickwire and Hendricks flew into Walla Walla on Monday, November 15. They gave students a tour of their 2005 Found FBA2C1 Bush Hawk on amphibious floats, even taking a couple of students up for a ride. Later that evening, Hendricks presented to a group of about 10 students at the Canaday Technology Center. His goal was to “inspire the next generation of mission aviation.” Through the presentation, Hendricks wants students to know that “mission aviation is alive and well” and that there is a need for passionate youth to join this type of ministry.

Wickwire and Hendricks shared personal stories of their own experience of being missionary pilots, as well as some experiences of the people who they have helped to connect with mission projects. One of the projects that AngelOne hopes to have ready by January is to send missionaries to Nicaragua to provide vaccines to remote areas of the country. 

Matthew Toelke, director of the aviation department, said that the program aligns with the university core themes, but especially with generosity in service. “We want to share these types of opportunities with our students and continue to help spread the love of Jesus,” said Toelke.

AngelOne was started two years ago with the goal of connecting pilots with mission organizations and providing all of the training the pilot and their family needs to be able to serve in the mission field as seamlessly as possible.

Learn more about the aviation program by visiting wallawalla.edu/aviation.

Posted on November 30, 2021

AngelOne uses this plane, a 2005 Found FBA2C1 Bush Hawk on amphibious floats, to help share the love of Jesus.
About 10 students gathered on the WWU campus to ask questions and hear about the AngelOne program.