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Students present projects at portfolio design show



On December 7, students from a portfolio design class gathered in the Black Box theater to proudly present their work. This class helps students in their careers by having them create resumes, cover letters, and describe a special project they worked on over the quarter. 

Projects made by students ranged from PlayStation handwarmers, glass cutting, specially designed headphones, animations, chairs, desks, and even websites. They also designed special business cards and slideshows highlighting their various projects. 

“This portfolio class specifically prepares students for the workforce by helping them understand what employers are looking for in resumes, cover letters, and websites. It helps you present yourself in a way that you can be proud of,” said Kristian Busby, senior product design major. 

In addition to making important documents for future jobs, students did a mock interview practice with the Student Development Center. This class pushes students to hone their professional skills and apply for internships that will best prepare them to land career jobs after graduation.  

Jared Wilson, senior product design major, said, “The teachers here really encourage you to stretch your boundaries.” Wilson, among several others, presented his unique project to students, professors, and community members interested in the design show. 

“When they give you a project, they are okay with you trying something new even if it didn’t turn out exactly right. They want to know you put in effort and learned from experience,” Wilson said about his professors. 

Product design majors have a wide range of projects where they can use their innovative skills to go through the design process and create something original. These include hands-on projects like carving a chair, creative projects like designing stickers, or using critical thinking to form animations. 

Walla Walla University offers multiple opportunities in classes for students to practice their creativity and expand on their ideas through assigned projects. To learn more about our product design program, visit wallawalla.edu/design

Posted on January 3, 2023. 


Photo of student presenting his design.
Students were given the chance to present and answer questions about their design projects.