ASWWU Video success

Graduating senior wins Sonscreen film awards

Senior Jacob Patterson received two Sonny awards in April at the Sonscreen Film Festival. Each year, the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists hosts this gathering for rising Christian filmmakers, and this year, 11 Walla Walla University students flew to Loma Linda University to attend.

Patterson, an industrial design major, currently heads the ASWWU Video department. He walked away with awards for two of his ASWWU videos: the award for Best Cinematography for "Chef's Table: Walla Walla" and the Jury Selection Award for “Class of 2017 // One Step Forward.”

Many of the films entered into the festival were large productions. Several were shot on expensive, pro-grade cameras, and some required as many as 30 crew members to produce. Both of Patterson’s winning films were two-man projects shot with consumer-grade equipment. “This goes to show that it’s not dependent on a budget or personnel, but rather the message and the quality of the delivery,” Patterson said. “I’m super proud of both films and honored to have received recognition.”

The WWU Department of Communications and Languages encourages students to submit films each year, and ASWWU Video staff members have a history of winning at Sonscreen.

Watch Patterson’s winning videos:

“Chef’s Table: Walla Walla”

“Class of 2017 // One Step Forward”

Posted May 10, 2017