My work in graduate school and industry, before joining the faculty at WWU, focused on building and using expensive microscopes and semiconductor capital equipment.  Once at WWU, I changed my research direction to focus on building projects that are much cheaper.  The goal is to bring interesting science experiments into reach for schools without large budgets.


Published Work

  • Speed of Light:  Measuring the speed of light with a Raspberry Pi Pico (2024).
  • Microwaves:  A low-cost method for improving microwave Bragg diffraction (2022).
  • Diodes:  A cheap and quick method for building diodes on a silicon wafer (2020).
  • EPROM Chip Diffraction:  A method for getting 2-dimensional diffraction patterns (2018).
  • studentSTM:  A minimal cost scanning tunneling microscope (2015).


Unpublished Work