ICantori Tour Fall 2022

Students share their musical talents across the east coast



ICantori of Walla Walla University presented their vocal skills across New York City, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., from June 15 to 22 last spring. Kraig Scott, professor of music and director of choral studies, defines ICantori as “an auditioned select choir, an elite vocal ensemble of the university.” 

This elite choir, made up of 32 students, performed a total of eight concerts in various churches and cathedrals. These tours occur every four years and the specific theme of this tour was Reclaiming Allelujah. “We get to share God’s love and beautiful music with all kinds of people. We also represent WWU Seventh-day Adventist higher education and God, so all of these things are important reasons to tour,” Scott said. 

ICantori is a year-long commitment for singers, from freshmen to seniors, and Scott has served as director for almost 14 years. Heidi Kissinger, senior fine arts and music major, described how she was able to sing comfortably over the tour because of the friendships she had formed with fellow members. “Choir is not about a solo, it is about singing together as one voice made up of multiple voices,” Kissinger said. 

Students are able to bond outside of singing, especially during the tour while visiting museums and sightseeing. While exploring the different cities, Kissinger felt she also learned a lot about the people they sang for. “If each of us were a book, the world would be an infinite library,” Kissinger said. She enjoyed the endless stories from people on the east coast, including WWU alumni that attended some of their performances. 

On Dec. 3, ICantori will be singing with the University Singers for the Walla Walla University Church service. Those interested in joining ICantori are encouraged to learn more by looking at  wallawalla.edu/icantori

Posted on November 2, 2022. 

Group photo of ICantori members
Students in ICantori smile together at St. Patricks Cathedral in Washington D.C.
Photo of ICantori singing together
Kraig Scott conducted the choir's performance at Spencerville SDA Church.