Academic programs

The Department of Music offers one music degree—Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.)—with three possible majors: music, music performance, and music production. Non-production majors may complete the basic major only, or combine it with a performance emphasis. The department also offers a music minor. All students pursuing music degree programs will participate in a primary departmental music organization or ensemble, during each quarter in residence.

Music Major (Bachelor of Music)

Students who earn a B.Mus. will complete classes in music theory, ear training, and music history. Private-lessons and ensemble participation are required, as well as a senior recital, but a concentration is not required for this major. Students who are considering graduate studies are strongly encouraged to take the general GRE. Those interested in teaching may combine the degree with a Bachelor of education degree. 

Music Performance Major (Bachelor of Music)

Students who earn a B.Mus. with a music performance emphasis are equipped with a foundation for teaching music privately, though graduate training beyond the B.Mus. is recommended for a professional career and is essential for teaching at the college or university level. Applied lessons are required to focus performance skills, along with both a junior and senior recital.  

  • Course requirements—Music Performance major (B.Mus.)
  • 4-year course plan—Music Performance major (B.Mus.)

Music Production Major (Bachelor of Music)

This is a joint program offered with the Department of Communication. Students who earn a B.Mus. in music production are prepared for careers in related media industries including music production recording, mixing, mastering, sound design, and scoring. They are also equipped with an entry-level credential for working in related fields such as arts management and administration, music sales, or the entertainment industry.  



Music Minor  

Course work, similarly to the music major, includes music theory, history, and performance. All music minors are required to participate in a primary music organization during each quarter they take lessons from the departmental faculty. Course requirements—Music minor