Placement Process

The mathematics placement process is used to ensure students start with a mathematics courses in which they have a good chance of succeeding. The placement process uses high school grades and a placement test (in most cases) to make this determination.  Students who have already earned college level mathematics credit (via an AP exam, dual-enrollment class, or transfer class) will be placed based on these classes instead of the placement process shown below.



Placement Tests

The Department of Mathematics offers two placement tests. Each test is a thirty minutes long and must be taken without the aid of books, notes, or calculators.

  • Basic Algebra Test
    This test covers high school algebra I and II.  Students who pass this test may enroll in the following courses
    • MATH 106: Introduction to Statistics
    • MATH 117: Accelerated Precalculus
    • MATH 121: Precalculus I
    • MATH 131: Calculus for the Life Sciences
  • Calculus Readiness Test
    This test covers high school precalculus.  Students who pass this test may enroll in MATH 181: Calculus I.

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