Humanities Washington

Philosophy professor named to statewide speakers bureau

Tim Golden, WWU professor of philosophy, has been named to the Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau for 2019-20. Throughout the year, Golden will speak across the state about fairness and equality in relation to race, gender, and ethnicity. Golden’s presentation, “Equality on Trial: Race, Fairness, and the U.S. Supreme Court,” explores the story of a Supreme Court case about two students—one white and one black—and how they navigated the medical school admissions process.

Golden has a doctor of philosophy degree in philosophy from the University of Memphis and has more than 20 years of experience practicing law. He teaches philosophy and critical race theory at Walla Walla University where he is also the director of the WWU Donald Blake Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, and Culture.

The Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau provides access for communities across the state to more than 30 speakers who give free public presentations on topics including history, politics, music, and philosophy. The roster of speakers includes professors, artists, activists, historians, journalists, and more who speak at schools, libraries, museums, community centers, and civic organizations.

Posted Jan. 9, 2019


Portrait photo of Tim Golden wearing a sport jacket.
Tim Golden teaches philosophy and critical race theory at WWU.