Whitewater rafting

ASWWU Outdoors brings students together for rafting on the White Salmon River

Students from Walla Walla University traveled to White Salmon, Wash., on May 18-19 for a weekend of camping, fellowship, and whitewater rafting. The trip was organized by ASWWU Outdoors, a division of the Associated Students of Walla Walla University.

Following classes on Friday afternoon, students traveled to Memaloose State Park in Oregon for an evening of camping and fellowship next to the Columbia River. On Saturday morning, the students continued on to the White Salmon River where they met the River Drifters, a rafting agency offering guided trips throughout the Pacific Northwest. The WWU students were provided with wetsuits, helmets, and splash-jackets, all of which would be necessary in the frigid river.

The River Drifters describe their trip, as well as the White Salmon River, as “one of the best-kept secrets of the Northwest!” The river, which is fed by the glaciers of Mt. Adams and by immense local aquifers, is crystal clear and offers some of the best class three to four rapids in Southern Washington. Twisting and turning through thick forests and between colorful towering cliffs, the river never ceases to awe its visitors.

Patrick Lambeth, sophomore biology major, was duly impressed, saying “The rafting was the most intense I’ve had so far! I’ve gone rafting a few times before but this one stands out.” April Riseley, master of social work student, enjoyed the rafting as well, recalling that “somehow I got the best seat and got to sit in the front of the raft where I got walloped with cold water just about the entire time. But it was worth it!” Tyler Humphries, junior mechanical engineering major and ASWWU Outdoors officer, agrees, saying, “The rapids of the White Salmon kept us rowing with non stop action from the moment we got in until we got out.”

After drying off, the students gathered again for lunch before heading back to WWU. Humphries, who organized and led the trip, looks forward to taking over the reigns of ASWWU Outdoors next year, promising many exciting trips in 2018-2019.

ASWWU Outdoors seeks to provide students with a variety of outdoor recreational trips, educational courses, and rental gear for outdoor adventures, and believes that being outside is one of the best ways to relieve stress, make friends, and grow closer to God.

The next ASWWU Outdoors event is a surf trip in Pacific City, Ore., on June 1-3. Sign up soon as these events fill up quickly.

Posted on May 30, 2018

WWU students are all smiles as they crash through foaming waves on the White Salmon River.
April Riseley (seated front right) enjoyed her trip down the White Salmon River, especially relishing the many waves that washed over the raft.