Mission Statement

WWU Computer Science Program provides its students with a balanced program which emphasizes
  • The knowledge of the core principles of computer science.
  • The skills necessary to use computers to solve real-world problems.
  • Experience in implementing solutions with modern computing tools.
  • The communication skills necessary to work effectively in a team.
  • Faculty-student interaction and mentoring.


Prospective employers of the graduates of the program can expect
  • Students will understand the basic principles of ...
    • The design of operating systems
    • Algorithms, complexity and computability theory
    • Programming languages
    • Net-centric computing
    • Software engineering including object-oriented programming
    • Computer architecture and assembly language programming
    • The social and professional issues of computing
  • Students will be able to ...
    • Solve a wide variety of real-world problems
    • Produce well documented programs
    • Work in teams
    • Produce web interfaces for programs
  • Students will have experience using ...
    • Unix and Microsoft operating systems
    • C, C++ compilers
Note that students will have knowledge, skills and tools in excess of the above.


The results of the program include
  • Enthusiastic participation in out-of-class learning.
  • High average MFAT scores.
  • Careers in high profile companies.