Disney internship

Business student learns indispensable workplace skills while pursuing dream job

During fall quarter senior business major Brandan Patchett fulfilled a lifelong dream of participating in an internship with the Walt Disney Company at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Disney interns work in many different departments in the resort. Patchett spent his time in operations for the attractions management department, where among other things he learned about the different attractions, the associated legal documentation, proper operations, and guest services.

“The biggest thing I learned at my internship was how to learn to work with people,” said Patchett. “Every guest and coworker I worked with all had different backgrounds, which determined the methods that I used to help solve the pressing issues.”

“This was a great opportunity to meet and network with my managers while receiving invaluable advice about my future with the company. I would love to go back as an intern, maybe in a different department, preferably entertainment. I will be working there this summer again in operations in attractions,” said Patchett.

He offers words of wisdom for anyone interested in being an intern at Disney. “You need to be willing to accept criticism and also learn how to filter it,” he said. “Many times during my internship, I had to accept the fact that I was wrong. I appreciated the time my managers took to help me with those challenges. However, not everything that all your coworkers tell you is valid. Sometimes their comments are simply matters of opinion.”

“Two of my favorite things were having the opportunity to learn how magic is made at the resort and being able to see the park completely empty,” said Patchett. That is something most people don’t get to see!”

As part of the internship, Patchett earned two college credits through Walla Walla University. He logged 120 hours of work to complete the internship and participated in Disney educational and professional development opportunities.

“Disney showed me how important it is to be professional,” said Patchett, “No matter what job that I apply for, there is nothing more important than making sure that you present yourself in a polite and professional manner, because you never know who could be watching, or how it could affect you in the future. I would love nothing more than to work with Disney the rest of my life. I am hoping that after I graduate, I will be able to continue working for the resort in a management or entertainment position.”

Posted May 31, 2016

About his internship at Disney, senior business major Brandan Patchett (far left) says, “Two of my favorite things were having the opportunity to learn how magic is made at the resort and being able to see the park completely empty.”