Spring Tide

Spend spring quarter studying at a PNW treasure!

Spring Tide is a 16-credit, general studies spring quarter spent at Rosario Beach Marine Lab available exclusively to Walla Walla University students and open to students from any major.

The application for Spring Tide 2025 will become available during spring quarter 2024.


Curated, integrated curriculum

Spring Tide features four meticulously curated two-week courses, each designed not only to leverage the unique environment of Rosario but also to integrate with one another. This integrated approach means that themes and concepts will flow seamlessly across all courses, enriching the educational experience by providing multiple perspectives and deepening understanding of interconnected topics.

Financially accessible

Participation in the "Spring Tide" term is designed to be financially accessible. Students can apply their existing financial aid towards this off-campus quarter, ensuring that this unique educational opportunity is available to all, with minimal additional financial strain.

Valuable for any major

Each course within the "Spring Tide" program counts for general studies credit, making this term an invaluable opportunity for students from any major to explore new disciplines, fulfill degree requirements, and engage with learning in an integrative and dynamic environment.

Pristine view of the Rosario Beach coastline. Trees in the foreground, ocean in the background.
Students load up their plates at a picnic setup on the Rosario beach
A fire on the beach in the foreground, a glowing sunset over the ocean in the background.
A student with long hair studies in a hammock hung between two trees overlooking the ocean.
Several students sit around a campfire on the beach, their faces are orange with the glow from the fire.
Three students stand on a bluff overlooking the ocean. One has binoculars and another a spotting scope.

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