Session overview for moderators and presenters

Each session begins on the hour and lasts 55 minutes and is made up of 3 presentations that tie in with a common theme (but that usually come from various departments).

The session begins with an introduction of the three presenters. Each presenter has 10 minutes to present and 5 minutes to answer questions. The moderator will alert the presenter of time limits by holding up cards that indicate the remaining time (e.g. 5 min, 3, min, 1 min). The presenter will be asked to stop when 10 minutes is up. The moderator will then direct the question-answer period, acknowledging the questions and allowing the presenter to respond.

After the last presentation/Q&A, the moderator will open the floor for a further 5 minutes of questions for any of the presenters. The moderator then closes the session.

Session Length: 55 minutes

Hour segments:

00-05 – 5 minutes for Introduction—Introduce all presenters, no introductions between presentations
05-15 – 10 minutes for first presentation
15-20 – 5 minutes for questions—moderator fields questions
20-30 – 10 minutes for second presentation
30-35 – 5 minutes for questions—moderator fields questions
35-45 – 10 minutes for third presentation
45-50 – 5 minutes for questions—moderator fields questions
50-55 – 5 minutes for questions to entire panel of presenters—moderator fields questions
55-00 – 5 minutes free time between sessions


  1. Presenters and moderator should arrive about 15 minutes before the beginning of the symposium to check technology, etc.
  2. Presenters for a given session should be seated in the front before the beginning of the session.
  3. Moderator will begin the session on time. The moderator takes 5 minutes to introduce
    1. the session theme,
    2. the procedures for how the session will run, and
    3. the presenters and their topics. No introductions of presenters will occur between presentations. Moderator should gather information about the presenters in advance.
  4. Moderator will direct questions during each 5 minute question period and at the final 5-minute period. The moderator should have a few questions prepared for each presentation in case no questions are forthcoming. Moderator will bring the session to a close.