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University Academic Symposium

June 8, 2018

The Undergraduate Academic Symposium (UAS) is intended to highlight excellence in thought and beauty in expression at WWU through presentation and display of selected scholarship from across the curriculum. This half-day symposium will allow students to engage in multimedia, visual, oral and poster presentations.

In the tradition of the mission of WWU, UAS is designed to display student work across the WWU campus; increase awareness of the unique work created by various disciplines on campus; give students experience in presenting their work in a professional forum; and highlight our WWU students and departments. All of these aspects are intentionally designed to further the core of our mission statement.


CommUnity credit is available for students who attend the Undergraduate Academic Symposium.

2018 University Academic Symposium Schedule


FAC Auditorum Stage

1:30 p.m.
Gina Lincoln


Clyde and Mary Harris Art Gallery (FAC)

1-5 p.m.
David Harris

Poster Presentations

FAC Foyer

1:30–3 p.m.
Rhett Burghart
Diana Farran, Dom McFall, Julie Barrow, Marissa Rosales
Dustin Gienger
Jennyffer Landaverde
Jenna Comeau
Nicholas Iwakoshi

Presentation Sessions

Admin 117

Bowers 203

Library reference room

2 p.m. Culture Medical Materials Identity
Courtney MacPhee Bradley Snow Miranda Roberts
Joanna Stephan Lindsey Naylor Cassidi Sandefur
Lauren Epperson and Tommy Moen Alex Bauer Josie Henderson Karla Rubio Hannah Groen Diana Mignott
Chair: Brent Bergherm Chair: Janice McKenzie Chair: Christy Scott
3 p.m. Prevention Power Mapping Connections
Angelica Chan Haley Rasco Alyani Demafeliz
Morgan Sanker Nathan Zimmerly Kyra GreyEyes
Lam Lay Molly Verska Charles Oroko
Chair: Linda Crumley Chair: Cheris Current Chair: Doug Logan
4 p.m. University Values Interaction
Sara Bumgardner Lacee Sherman
Kyler Alvord; Katherine Beckner; Delia Frey Liam Hirst-Graves; Daniella Silva Natalie Smith
Mason Neil Melissa Ginoza
Chair: Deborah Silva Chair: TBA
  1. Project advisers select students (graduate and undergraduate) and then are approved by the Chair/Dean of each department/school on campus.  
  2. The student and advisor fill out the proposal application indicating the outline of the project and submit to the UAS committee chair by the deadline noted on proposal form. Note the options for a poster presentation, showcase, performance.
  3. The committee analyzes the various submissions for acceptance in the symposium. Once analysis is complete the UAS chair emails the project advisor and the applicant an acceptance letter.

Students may submit partially complete projects at application deadline. Students are to fill out the application according to the knowledge at hand. If the project is adapted in the process, student should be prepared to include that information in the presentation and why the adaption was necessary. A summary of the project is required for application and indication of planning.

Once applicants are accepted at least one date and time will be established for students to be given information regarding presentation expectations, options, and a basic review of proper presentation preparation. Faculty will be available for any questions students may encounter prior to the event. Students are expected to meet one hour prior to the symposium for technical set up and to have any final questions answered. 


Oral presentation format:

Three-four hours are scheduled with 50 minutes for each panel of presenters.  Various panels will be presenting simultaneously.  Each panel is anticipated to have three students each. A faculty member will serve as moderator for each panel.  Each student will have approximately ten minutes to present and five minutes for questions. 


Poster Presentation format:

There will be various locations around campus where students will display their posters and be prepared to explain and answer any questions about their projects.


Performance and Showcase format:

Key locations will be set aside for projects expressed in performances and artistic display. 



Symposium Archive

UAS Schedule
Folu Oyefesu & Paola Gonzalez Sophia Rich Abigail Wissink Ashley Norman & Braden Stanyer Lindsay Armstrong
Aidan Hinshaw Amelia Pekar Mackenzie Ford Kyle Elssman Talea Shupe
Sarah Anderson Mindy Kivett Brian Flegel
Chair: Doug Logan Chair: Terri Aamodt Chair: David Crawford Chair: Kraig Scott
Miranda Morris Madison Reeves Sam Brown Kaitlyn Johnston Judelle Johnson
Maureen Hayden Sierra Lepaine Monica Culler Leah Dawn Ivory Vogt
Tyler H Kiri Fischer & Trisha Razzonlini Kelia Cooke Paola Gonzalez & Aleece Cazan Faith Hunnicutt
Chair: Doug Logan Chair: Christy Scott Chair: David Lindsey Chair: Janice McKenzie Chair: Joel Libby
Tommy Moen Daniella Silva McKenzie Cosaert Julio Munoz
Ruth Martinez Stephanie Septembre Gabrielle Warren Jon Lindsey
Alex Lemnah
Chair: Joel Libby Chair: Terri Aamodt Chair: Janice McKenzie
Last update on June 4, 2018