New Faculty Orientation

Dear New Faculty,

Welcome to WWU! We look forward to spending time together at our New Faculty Orientation. New Faculty Orientation is designed to introduce you to campus culture, leading academic administrators, and to acquaint you with the resources available to support you.

New faculty members at WWU are asked to attend several required orientations in their transition to teaching at WWU.

1. Benefits orientation through Human Resources (HR) within the first few days of appointment start date. Please contact Erika Sanderson (509) 527-2302 to schedule yours and for questions about benefits.

2. Risk and Safety Management orientation through Risk and Safety Management. Risk and Safety Management will be in touch directly with you as to the date you are to attend an orientation with their office.

3. New Faculty Orientation. The 2019 New Faculty Orientation will be held on Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. lunch provided. Please contact Cheri Wolcott (509) 527-2431 if you have questions about this orientation.

4. A printed copy of the new faculty orientation notebook will be available to you when you come to orientation on September 10. You are welcome to peruse the previous year's handbook for an idea of its contents (agenda, best practices topics, samples of forms frequently used, etc.).

5. Meetings in the department with relevant staff to get oriented to department and school-specific processes. Please contact your department chair with questions about departmental meetings.

6. Best Practices Series consist of monthly meetings scheduled around your teaching schedule. Contact Cheri Wolcott (509) 527-2431 with questions about Best Practices Series.

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