WWU Distinguished Faculty Lecturers

2023-2024 Rodd Strobel, M.Ed., M.A. Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education "The Oldest Profession in the World: What Coaching Can Teach Us About the Essence of Being Human"

2022-2023 Jerry Hartman, M.F.A. Professor of Communication "Media Literacy: When the Unreal is so Real"

2021-2022 Austin C. Archer, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and Education "Memory and Prophecy: Perspectives on Changing Minds"

2020-2021 David E. Thomas, D. Min., Professor of Christian Theology and Apologetics
"The Nature of Christian Belief"

2019-2020 Debbie Muthersbaugh, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Education and Psychology
"Seeing is Knowing: Exploring the Impact of Visual Representations in Teaching and Learning"

2018-2019 Kari Firestone, Ph.D., R.N., Professor of Nursing
"Chronic Pain: Scientific Understanding of Suffering"

2017-2018 Pedrito Maynard-Reid, Th.D., Professor of Biblical Studies and Missiology
"Justice: A Radical, Prophetic Call to the Academy and the Pew"

2016-2017 Paul Dybdahl, Ph.D., Professor of Mission and New Testament
"Barricades or Bridges: Adventism and the World Religions"

2015-2016 Kellie Bond, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English
"Outside an Insiders' Society: Virginia Woolf, James Baldwin and Resistance to Power" 

2014-2015 Linda Emmerson, M.A., Assistant Professor of Philosophy
"'I have Called You Friends': Implications for Morality of Human Friendship with the Divine"

2013-2014 David Bullock, Ph.D., Professor of Communication
"The Tempered Radical: Recognizing the Value of Dissent"

2012-2013 Karen B. Tetz, Ph.D., Professor of Nursing
"Postcards From the Caregiving Journey"

2011-2012 Joseph G. Galusha, Jr., D.Phil., Professor of Biology
"Watching Animals Behave: Things We Can Learn or Not"

2010-2011 Pamela Keele Cress, Ph.D., Professor of Social Work & Sociology
"Reflections From a Reluctant Thanatologist"

2009-2010 Thomas M. Thompson, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics and Adjunct Professor of Physics
"Shape and Dimension"

2008-2009 Gregory Dodds, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History
"Nothing New Under the Sun? Truth and Uncertainty in Christian History"

2007-2008 Bruce Johanson, D.Th, Professor of Biblical Studies
"Integrity, Faith, and Shifting Horizons"

2006-2007 Jon Cole, Ph.D., Professor of Engineering
"Portraits of Community: Interconnecting Civilizations and Resources"

2005-2006 Beverly Beem, Ph.D., Professor of English
"My Soul Is on the Wing for Glory: Voices of Early Adventist Women"

2004-2005 James Nestler, Ph.D., Professor of Biology
"Surf's Up: Exploring the Complexities of Oceanic Cycles"

2003-2004 Alden Thompson, Ph.D., Professor of Biblical Studies
"Driven Away From the Presence of the Lord - the Longing for Community"

2002-2003 Kraig Scott, D.M.A., Associate Professor of Music
"Encountering the Divine: Worship and Music"

2001-2002 Doug Clark, Ph.D., Professor of Old Testament and Archaeology
"In Celebration of Curiosity: An R'chaeology of Christian Higher Education"

2000-2001 Rodney Heisler, Ph.D., Professor of Engineering
"Who Am I to Judge?: Thinking Critically"

1999-2000 Loren Dickinson, Ph.D., Professor of Communication
"Taming the Tongue and Other Wild Animals: An Evening of Civility"

1998-1999 Roland Blaich, Ph.D., Professor of History
"A Church in Crisis: Historical Reflections on Church Leadership"

1997-1998 Verlie Ward, Ph.D., Professor of Education
"The Role of the Mentor on a Christian Campus"

1996-1997 Tom Emmerson, M.F.A., Professor of Art
"Artistic Expression in the Christian Community"

1995-1996 Claude C. Barnett, Ph.D., Professor of Physics
"The Story of Science"

1994-1995 Terrie Dopp Aamodt, Ph.D., Professor of English and History
"Face Values: Liberal Education's Imperative"

1993-1994 Ernie Bursey, Ph.D., Professor of Biblical Studies
"Praxis in Higher Education: What a Little Adventist College Can Do"