Distinguished Faculty Lectures

For more than a decade, a Walla Walla University faculty member has been chosen to speak as the year's distinguished faculty member.                                                          

Kellie Bond, 2016

Linda Emmerson, 2015

David Bullock, 2014

Karen Tetz, 2013

Joseph G. Galusha Jr., 2012

Pamela Keele Cress, 2011

Thomas M. Thompson, 2010

Gregory D. Dodds, 2009

Bruce C. Johnson, 2008

Jon A. Cole, 2007

Beverly Beem, 2006
"My Soul Is on the Wing for Glory" Voices of Early Adventist Women

Jim Nestler, 2005 
Surf's Up: Exploring the Complexities of Oceanic Cycles

Alden Thompson, 2004
Driven Away from the Presence of the Lord: The Longing for Community

Kraig Scott, 2003
Encountering the Divine: Worship and Music

Douglas R. Clark, 2002
In Celebration of Curiosity: An "R"chaeology of Christian Higher Education

Rodney Heisler, 2001
Who am I to Judge? Thinking Critically

Loren Dickinson, 2000
Taming the Tongue & Other Wild Animals: An Evening of Civility

Roland Blaich, 1999
A Church in Crisis: Historical Reflections on Leadership

Verlie Ward, 1998
The Role of the Mentor on a Christian Campus

Tom Emmerson, 1997
Artistic Expression In the Christian Community

Terrie Aamodt, 1995
Face Values: Liberal Education's Imperative

Ernest J. Bursey, 1994
Praxis in Higher Education: What a Little Adventist College Can Do