Instagram Promo Stories

Thank you for your interest in promoting your event on our Instagram Stories! Here is a rough script that you can use as a guide for the video:

"Hello! My name is ________ and I am the _________ (title, e.g. ASWWU President). I'd like to invite you to ________ (event name) taking place on _____ (day) at ________ (time) at ______ (location). (Insert brief description of event, including how to sign up if applicable). Hope to see you there!"


  • Film vertically
  • The promoted event must be open to all students on campus
  • Length should be one minute or less
  • Submit at least three days in advance of when you would like it posted
    • Send videos to your point of contact 

Don't worry about adding captions or text overlays! One of our social media team members will help with that.