Digital Accessibility Standards

Walla Walla University is committed to ensuring that our website is accessible to people with disabilities. We will measure pages on our website according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, WCAG 2.1 Level 2A.

Actions for fulfilling standards

Using a shared task list of known threats to WCAG 2.1 Level 2A accessibility standards, the ADA/Accessibility Response Team has implemented actions to address:

  • Ensuring text alternatives are provided for any non-text content.
  • Providing alternatives for time-based media, including captions and audio descriptions.
  • Creating content that can be presented in simple ways without losing information or structure, including ensuring information is not only dependent on sensory characteristics such as color or shape.
  • Making it easier for users to see or hear content, including review of color, contrast, text size, and audio levels.
  • Making functionality available from the keyboard by eliminating keyboard traps and paying attention to keyboard shortcuts.
  • Ensuring readers have enough time to read and use content.
  • Avoiding design (animations, flashes) that could trigger physical reactions.
  • Providing ways for users to navigate and remember where they are.
  • Making it easier for users to operate using pointers.
  • Reviewing language to ensure it is understandable, especially reviewing abbreviations or acronyms.
  • Ensuring web pages operate in a consistent and predictable way for the user.
  • Helping users identify and correct mistakes when entered.
  • Work towards compatibility with various technologies and platforms.

To learn more about the steps that our web editors and content creators take to ensure digital accessibility, please view our Digital Accessibility Checklist.


If you are experiencing any issues with accessing digital content or navigating our website, please fill out this feedback form.