Alumni Highlights Checklist

Thank you for your interest in being featured on our Instagram account! Here is what we are looking for:

Video clips

  • Must be shot vertically.
  • Please provide at least 20 video clips of around 5 seconds each (or more!) showing a typical day in your life at work. These can be clips that you film from your perspective, or you can have someone else film you. Please provide at least one scene with you in it.
  • Example scenes:
    • Waving at the camera (for the introduction)
    • Walking in front of the building/area where you work
    • Some things you might do in a typical day/week
    • Anything else that would be interesting
  • Please do not include anyone else in the clips except yourself unless they fill out a release form at


  • Aim for around 30-90 seconds but a little over or under is ok too
  • Can be recorded using the Voice Memos app on your phone
  • Sample script, to be recorded separately as a voiceover (feel free to add/remove things): “Hello! My name is __________ and I work at __________ (job title and company). I graduated from WWU with a degree in __________(major) in ______ (year). WWU prepared me to go into this career because ___________. Something that I enjoyed the most about my time at WWU was __________. A typical day in my life is _______________. I would recommend this career (or this degree) to anyone who likes _____________.”

A vertical photo of yourself at work

  • We will use this as the cover photo on Instagram.


Please submit your videos, voiceover, and vertical photo to the person who contacted you, or via WeTransfer to

Thank you!

Example Highlights