Application to Become a Peer Tutor

1. All applications for tutoring positions will be reviewed by the Student Development Center (SDC) staff. We will examine such factors as projected hiring need, the applicant's available work hours, and the applicant’s experience and demonstrated competence in the subject area for which they are applying. This constitutes Phase I of the Peer Tutor application process.

2. We will contact only those applicants who have passed Phase I. During Phase II, we will ask the applicant for further information (including, but not limited to, letters of personal recommendation from faculty), and we will schedule an interview.

3. All applicants who pass Phase II will receive notification of their status and will be offered a position as Peer Tutor for the SDC.

4. All new tutors are required to attend approximately 10 hours of training and orientation at the start of school in September. Dates and times will be communicated upon hiring.

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