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Peer tutoring is a free resource dedicated to supporting students and faculty alike. We help students to progress academically and meet their educational goals in a number of academic areas. We endeavor to nurture students, alleviate academic stress, and act as advocates on their behalf. Our tutors are the teachers, doctors, engineers, and other professionals of the future. Effective communicators, and strong students themselves, WWU peer tutors have a genuine desire to help their peers!

Online Tutoring for Fall 2020!

Online Peer Tutoring for Fall 2020 classes will begin on Tuesday, September 8.

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Peer Tutoring FAQ

To schedule an online tutoring appointment, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the button (above, on this page) for the subject for which you need tutoring.
  2. Review the list of tutors available for that subject to find the one that tutors for your class
  3. Click the link to be directed to the Bookings page for your class
  4. Select the date and time you wish to meet with a tutor. You can choose to book with the next available tutor, or you can use the drop-down list to select a specific tutor’s availability
  5. Check your email* for the appointment confirmation
  6. At the appointment time, be logged in to Microsoft Teams and wait for the tutor to contact you

*Ensure there are no typos in your email address so that you will receive the confirmation email and so the tutor will know the proper spelling of your name, in order to locate you on Teams.

Watch this video tutorial on how to schedule an online tutoring appointment

If you need assistance with scheduling an appointment, call the Student Development Center at 509-527-2313.

Drop-in tutoring is available for most lower-division Math and Computer Science classes, in the form of online chat through Microsoft Teams, and should be used only for simple questions.

Drop-in tutoring is scheduled, for both Math & Computer Science, Sunday from 7-8 PM, and Monday-Thursday, from 5-6 PM. This schedule is subject to change!

To access drop-in tutoring, in Microsoft Teams, click on the “Teams” icon in the left-hand column. In the upper right-hand corner, click “Join or create team”, then locate the “Drop-In Math” or “Drop-in Computer Science” team. Hover your pointer over the team icon and the “Join Team” button will appear. Click it.

Click back on the “Teams” icon on the left side of your screen, then locate the team you just joined. At the bottom of the window, in the chat bar, let the tutors know how they can help. For example, “Hi. I have a question in my Calculus 1 class.”

The tutor will initiate a private chat with you to answer your questions. They will not do a video call, due to time constraints. Be patient with the tutor, as they may be assisting more than one student at a time.

Should the tutor determine that your question requires more focused time, they will recommend you schedule a formal appointment.

In-person tutoring is available on request, by contacting the Peer Tutoring Coordinator. Priority will be given to those students with speech/vision concerns, for which online tutoring is not ideal. Consideration will also be given to those students who have technological challenges in their home environment that complicates utilizing online tutoring.

The number of tutors and tutees that can be in the SDC at one time is limited, and social distancing will be in effect, so in-person tutoring will be done by appointment only, with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice, so that everyone has time to get in place and established protocols can be complied with.

All online peer tutoring through the SDC will be conducted via Microsoft Teams.

At the time of your appointment, make sure you are logged in to Microsoft Teams, then wait for the tutor to contact you. Your tutor will send you a chat message, to ensure you’re online. When you are ready, your tutor will initiate a video call.

At the scheduled time, your tutor will initiate a video call with you on Microsoft Teams. You are requested to activate video during your tutoring sessions. Two-way video promotes a healthier work environment for everyone.

Most tutoring sessions are allowed a half-hour (30 minutes) block of time. If you are needing to go over that, and if the tutor is available to continue with you, they will. You do not need to book back-to-back sessions. Should someone else schedule an appointment immediately after yours, your tutor will advise you of this and, at the appropriate time, disconnect their call with you and go check on the other appointment. They will continue to be available to you by chat and, should you still require their assistance after the other appointment finishes, they will resume a video call with you.

A tutoring session will last as long as it takes to address your concerns, provided the tutor’s schedule allows. Most tutoring appointments default to 30-minute sessions, but your session will not necessarily be cut off at the end of that 30 minutes. Even if you anticipate your session will go longer than 30 minutes, DO NOT schedule back-to-back appointments! Your tutor will continue to assist you until it is mutually determined that the session can end.

Booking back-to-back appointments quickly fills up a tutor’s schedule and disallows other students from booking appointments. Please be considerate of your peers and book only one appointment per day.

Yes! If you and a friend (or several friends) wish to get tutoring together, we can do that. Here’s how:

Only one of you should make an appointment with the tutor. At the scheduled time, wait for the tutor to contact you, then let them know that you have friends who want to join the session. You can then add your friends to the call, one by one. If you’re unsure on how to add participants to a Teams call, your tutor will assist you.

You can cancel or modify your tutoring appointment by clicking the "Manage booking" button in the confirmation email. The tutor will receive an email notification of the change, and the information will be updated on their Outlook calendar.

If you need assistance with canceling or modifying a booking, please call the SDC at 509-527-2313.

At the start of each tutoring session, your tutor will ask for your name, the class you’re seeking tutoring for, and the professor’s name. The SDC collect statistics on all tutoring sessions for a variety of reasons:

Funding: the SDC relies on funding from WWU Academic Administration, in order to continue providing tutoring services at no additional cost to current students. To receive this funding, the SDC must demonstrate a continuing demand for tutoring. By gathering statistics on the number of students availing themselves of tutoring, we can continue to prove our value to the University.

Staffing: the SDC staffs tutors based on student demand, demonstrated by the statistics we gather. The statistics help in determining how many tutors are staffed for each subject, and which classes in particular need strong tutoring support.

Faculty support: many staff require their students to visit the SDC as part of their class requirements. By taking statistics on who is coming to tutoring, we can verify student attendance. Faculty also receive weekly reports of the students that received tutoring for their classes, which is helpful for fostering student academic success.

The SDC guarantees support for all lower-division classes in Business, Computer Science, Languages, Math, Science, and Writing*. Tutoring for upper-division classes is sometimes available, based on staffing, and so is not guaranteed.

*Our Writing staff can help in proof-reading papers from any class at any level. They are trained to assist students with the mechanics of writing; the subject of the material is generally not a barrier.

If you require assistance for a specific class that you do not see listed, please contact the Peer Tutoring Coordinator, and she will do her best to connect you with a tutor.

We do our best to arrange tutor schedules for maximum accessibility by students. However, we fully understand that some students have really complicated schedules!

If you are unable to find a tutor that has times conducive to your schedule, please reach out to the Peer Tutoring Coordinator and she will work with you and the tutoring staff to find time for you to get help.

Online tutoring sessions are as private and confidential as in-person sessions would be in the SDC, perhaps even more so, since you’re meeting one-on-one in a private chat or video conference.

The statistical information that your tutor gathers is shared with faculty, as it always has been, but no one else has access to the information.

For quality control purposes, from time to time your tutoring session may be recorded. Those recordings will never be shared with anyone outside of the SDC, except in cases of suspected illegal activity or abuse.

At minimum, to ensure a quality online tutoring session, you will need strong WiFi and a video- and sound-enabled device. It is recommended that you download the Microsoft Teams desktop app, for optimal functionality.

If you have technological barriers that make online tutoring difficult, please reach out to the Peer Tutoring Coordinator for assistance.

Shortly after each tutoring session, you will receive an email from Student Development Center asking you to complete a simple online evaluation form. This will help us evaluate the performance of our staff, as well as provide feedback on customer satisfaction.

All submissions are anonymous.

Should you have any serious concerns and wish to speak directly with the Peer Tutoring Coordinator, please reach out to her at the information at the bottom of this webpage.

If you have any other questions or concerns, which have not been addressed in this FAQ, please contact the Peer Tutoring Coordinator.

Contact the Peer Tutoring Coordinator

Heidi Roberts
(509) 527-2664

Monday - Thursday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

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