Housing Requests

Guidelines for Housing Requests Based On Medical, Psychological, or Disability Related Needs

Disability-related housing accommodations provide WWU students access to an inclusive on-campus living experience. Students who require these accommodations should make a request for accommodations on Accommodate and submit the necessary documentation to support their request and specify their disability-related needs. It is important to review the Documentation Guidelines to ensure that the required documentation is complete. 

Approval of housing accommodations is assessed on an individual basis, taking into consideration the nature of the disability or health condition and the reasonableness of the request. Disability Support Services collaborates with the Office of Housing Services and Residence Life to provide suitable accommodations that meet the specific needs of each student. 

Once housing accommodations are approved, Disability Support Services will work with the Office of Housing Services and Residence Life to assign a room that reasonably accommodates the student. However, it is important to note that specific placement in a particular residence hall or room cannot be guaranteed as part of the accommodation. 

Requests for single rooms are not granted solely based on the need for a quiet study environment. Residence halls are designed as communal living spaces, and students seeking a quiet study area should explore other designated locations on campus. 

For current students, those already receiving disability-based housing accommodations must notify the Disability Support Services staff of their intent to continue accessing the same accommodation during the room selection process for the next academic year, preferably by April 1. Students wishing to request new accommodations or make changes to their current accommodations will need to provide updated documentation of their disability and the need for the change. After submitting the documentation, students will be asked to schedule an appointment with the Disabilities Support Services staff to discuss their needs. 

All returning students must submit their accommodation requests and any required documents to Disability Support Services by April 1. To schedule an appointment, please log onto accommodate which is found on our website.  

New Students 

Students who are new to WWU and applying for housing accommodation should contact Disability Support Services immediately upon submitting their housing application, no later than June 1. They will need to meet with Disability Support Services staff and provide documentation of their disability and accommodation needs. To schedule an appointment, please log onto accommodate or email dss@wallawalla.edu for support.   

It is important to note that any information shared with Disability Support Services will be treated with utmost confidentiality and will only be disclosed to relevant staff members in accordance with the guidelines of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. This information will not affect students' general eligibility for housing. 

Important deadlines to keep in mind for housing accommodations are as follows: 

  • Returning students: Accommodation requests for Fall Quarter housing must be submitted to Disability Support Services by April 1. 

  • New students: To ensure appropriate accommodations are available, new students must contact Disability Support Services by June 1 for Fall Quarter housing requests. Failure to meet these deadlines may significantly limit Disability Support Services' ability to respond to accommodation requests. 

For mid-year housing requests, students who wish to move into campus housing during the academic year must contact Disability Support Services at least six weeks before the start of the relevant quarter to request housing accommodations.

If there are any questions regarding documentation, please contact the Assistant Director for Disability Support Services at dss@wallawalla.edu or 509 527-2313.