General International Travel Tips

Your safety is our primary concern. Below are some things to keep in mind as you plan your travel. Even if you think you've already covered everything, please review this list to see if you missed anything. 

  • Be aware of any safety concerns in the countries you are traveling in by reviewing the Country Specific Information reports provided by the U.S. Department of State. 

  • Know how to contact the United States Consulate.

  • Have an emergency plan in place for responding to natural disasters, political unrest, and other types of emergencies.

  • Have a plan for accessing emergency cash.

  • Plan ahead for using a cell phone or calling card while traveling. Not all cell phone plans or calling cards work internationally. Call your phone carrier ahead for special instructions.

  • A medical treatment authorization should be completed in advance and accessible while traveling.

  • Have a plan for first aid procedures. If there is an accident, document in detail all information.

  • Be careful of travel providers. Deal with reputable companies/providers only.

  • Be sure you have adequate insurance coverage for personal and University property.

  • Be aware of local customs, culinary and cultural differences, religious observations, gestures, mannerisms, dress and other circumstances that may be different than in the United States.

  • Comply with all required pre-trip documentations (such as passports, visas, waivers and insurance coverage.