International Travel

Interim Policy During COVID-19: WWU COVID-19 Travel Advisory
As this is a dynamic situation, this policy will be updated periodically. 

Personal Travel

Employees and their dependents, who are covered under the WWU health plan, are eligible for reimbursement on Short-term Travel Insurance, up to $250 per family per academic year.

First, check out the Summary of Coverage to learn what coverage is available and if it will meet your travel needs.

Second, visit Adventist Risk Management to create an account and order your travel insurance. Note: only basic coverage is eligible for reimbursement.

Finally, submit your payment receipt and travel application (provided after checkout) to the HR office for review. Once approved, you will receive reimbursement through our accounts payable process. 


Walla Walla University-Sponsored Travel

What constitutes University sponsorship?

WWU is committed to reviewing, approving, and supporting University-sponsored travel which furthers its mission and core values. Those coordinating travel are responsible for understanding and following these policies and procedures. While on University-sponsored travel, the WWU Governance Handbook, Staff Employee Handbook, and Student Handbook will be in effect.

First complete and submit an International Travel Request Application. Travel must be authorized by the Travel Proposal Committee prior to any advertising, fund raising, or making travel arrangements. Requests should be submitted a minimum of two months prior to the proposed departure date.

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