Domestic Student Travel

Interim Policy During COVID-19: WWU COVID-19 Travel Advisory
As this is a dynamic situation, this policy will be updated periodically. 


We're here to help you with all Walla Walla University-sponsored Domestic Student Travel

Policies and Procedures

Domestic Student Travel Request Application

Domestic Student Travel Request Application is required if your trip meets any of the following criteria (excluding Task Force missions):

  • One or more students will stay overnight

  • Any class will be missed by a student (Class absences should be kept to a minimum.)
  • Athletic trip
  • Academic field trip

It is recommended that a minimum of three people travel together for the safety of all concerned.

All required signatures must be shown at the end of the form prior to any advertising, fund raising, or arranging travel. Travel Request Applications should be submitted two weeks prior to the proposed departure date.

Where to submit your application:

  • All academic travel - Associate Vice President for Academic Administration.

  • All other travel - Vice President for Student Life.

Travel Request Applications may be referred to the Travel Proposal Committee, if necessary.

What constitutes University sponsorship?

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