Personal Vehicle Use

NOTE: Personal vehicles and property are not covered under Walla Walla University insurance policies.

Any department, employee or driver using their personal vehicle with passengers for University-coordinated travel (that which is planned by a department or employee, for a University function) must comply as follows:

  1. Drivers must be an  Approved Driver.
  2. Personal auto insurance coverage must be current, with an Insurance Identification Card for verification.
  3. Personal auto insurance covers any accidents or injuries that might occur.
  4. If University-coordinated transportation is declined by any participant, use this Hold Harmless Form.  This form only applies to travel outside of the city limits of College Place and Walla Walla.
  5. University trailers are insured by the towing vehicle.  Be sure that you have adequate insurance to tow University property behind your personal vehicle.
  6. 15-passenger vans may not be used for any University activities.