Emergency Washing Facilities Policies

WAC 296-800-15030296-800-15035, & 296-800-15040


"Emergency Washing Facilities" means emergency showers, eye washes, eye/face washes, hand-held drench hoses and other similar equipment. Emergency eyewash must be provided where there is the potential for an employee's eyes to be exposed to corrosive, strong irritants, or toxic chemicals. "Emergency Washing Facilities" must be readily available and accessible, free of obstructions, and require no more than ten seconds to reach. The travel distance should be no farther than fifty feet.

A list of type and location of "Emergency Washing Facilities" will be compiled and submitted to Risk and Safety Management, with documentation of the annual testing kept on file at Risk and Safety Management.


  1. The on-off valve must be activated in one second or less and remain on until intentionally turned off.

  2. The emergency eyewash equipment must deliver at least 0.4 gallons of water per minute for fifteen minutes or more.

  3. The emergency showers must deliver water to cascade over the user's entire body at a minimum rate of twenty gallons per minute for fifteen minutes or more.


All plumbed emergency eyewash facilities must be activated weekly by the department.

All self-contained eyewash equipment and personal eyewash equipment must be inspected and maintained according to manufacturer instructions. Inspections for proper operation must be done annually. Sealed personal eyewash equipment must be replaced after the manufacturer's expiration date.

Emergency Washing Facilities Locations

More information is available in the Chemical Hygiene Plan.