Walla Walla University Contract & Agreement Policy

Policy Statement

Certain limits are placed on the authority of individuals by the Board of Trustees to conduct transactions with external parties on behalf of Walla Walla University, within approved budget parameters. These transactions obligate the University to receive or spend funds, provide or receive services, and/or otherwise commit its resources, liability, indemnification or insurance. Individuals may not enter into these transactions unless they have the appropriate Board authority to do so. Any employee who commits the University to a purchase, sale, lease or other arrangement without proper authorization may be personally liable for the transaction. 


ALL contracts, agreements, or leases must have the In-House Approval Process form completed and attached.

  1. Click the button above or follow this link to submit your contract for approval. You will be taken to PowerForms at DocuSign to complete the In-House Approval Process form and attach a copy of the contract.
  2. Complete the PowerForm Signer Information
    1. Contract Submitter
    2. Department Chair/Director
    3. Authorized Signer (this is the AVP or higher administrator over your department)
  3. Click the Begin Signing Button
  4. You will then be taken to the In-House Approval Process form within DocuSign.
  5. Complete the sections indicated and submit.

A University contract, agreement or lease is a legal agreement signed by both the contracting party and the University which sets forth the terms and conditions agreed between them. In addition to contracts, agreements or leases involving the purchase or supply of goods or services, other examples may involve the maintenance of capital equipment or affiliation with another organization. Contracts, agreements or leases can also involve, but are not limited to, the following: licensing arrangements, property leases, research, articulation or exchange agreements involving transfer of credits, contracts involving special services such as event-related arrangements or agreements with speakers being brought to the University, commitments involving entertainers including individuals, groups of performers and/or musicians and agreements involving consultants or other independent contractors. In general, contracts written by a second party are written on that organization's behalf, not the University's. 

The following contracts/agreements may not go through the standard contract approval process.

Applications for permits, WWU Contractor Terms & Conditions under $100,000, and Professional Service contracts are processed and approved by the Director of Facility Services.

Employment contracts are reviewed and approved by the Director of Human Resources, and/or Academic Administration.

Authorized Signers

  • President 
  • Vice President for Academic Administration 
  • Vice President for Financial Administration 
  • Vice President for Student Life
  • Vice President for University Relations and Advancement 
  • Associate Vice President for Academic Administration 
  • Associate Vice President for Alumni and Advancement Services
  • Associate Vice President for Financial Administration
  • Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies
  • Associate Vice President for Marketing and Enrollment Services
  • Assistant Vice President for Student Life