2023-24 Healthcare Plan Information

Open enrollment for benefits occurs each spring for benefits beginning in July. Open enrollment was from May 10-24, 2023. For any questions related to your benefits, contact josette.mcdonald@wallawalla.edu. Click below to download the benefits enrollment form. 

Download the WWU Benefit Enrollment Form

This year, we are pleased to continue to offer employees two health plan options: our traditional Copay PPO Plan, OR a High Deductible PPO Plan with a Health Savings Account and Core Drug List. (Our Dental and Vision Plans will be the same for both plans.)

  1. The Traditional Copay PPO Plan will provide the same coverage levels you are familiar with.
  2. The High Deductible PPO Plan (HDHP) with a Health Savings Account (HSA) and Core Drug List may seem daunting at first, but may also provide additional savings and tax advantages. With many medications covered at 100%, you may even pay less! Unlike an HRA, employees will own their HSA and may take it with them into retirement or elsewhere. There is also no time period to spend funds and accessing your funds is simple! Please watch the presentation below and/or review this Easy Guide to Understanding Your HDHP.


Review your 2023-24 Benefit Guide!

Watch a presentation on our 2023-24 Benefit Offerings!

    2023-24 Healthcare Plan Premiums — Two Plan Options:

    1. Traditional Copay PPO PlanWith Wellness ParticipationWith Half Wellness ParticipationNo Wellness Participation
    Employee Only$114.30/moNA$175.96/mo
    Employee + Spouse$226.32/mo$305.01/mo$369.49/mo
    Employee + Child(ren)$182.23/moNA$316.71/mo
    Employee + Family$231.02/mo$388.03/mo$470.07/mo


    2. High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)With Wellness ParticipationWith Half Wellness ParticipationNo Wellness Participation
    Employee Only$62.93/moNA$97.98/mo
    Employee + Spouse$131.94/mo$164.92/mo$205.74/mo
    Employee + Child(ren)$113.09/moNA$176.35/mo
    Employee + Family$170.93/mo$235.60/mo$293.92/mo

    Health Savings Accounts (HSA) in combination with HDHP ONLY. WWU will contribute:

    Individual: $500 per yearFamily: $1,000 per year
    IRS Total Contributions Limits for 2023:Individual: $3,850 per yearFamily: $7,750 per year
    If you are over the age of 55, you can contribute an additional $1000 per year. This is called a "catch up" contribution.  
    Update your HSA elections any time by completing a HSA Deduction Authorization Form and emailing it to josette.mcdonald@wallawalla.edu.

      *Check out the HDHP Core Drug List. All of the medications listed are covered at 100% when enrolled in the HDHP!


    Additional Support

    Alliant Benefit Advocates are here to help you to determine which plan will work best for you at no cost. They can also help with insurance claim questions, claims processing, appealing denied claims, and prescription problems. They are available Monday - Friday, 5 AM – 5 PM PST. Call (800) 489-1390 or email benefitsupport@alliant.com.

    Alliant Medicare Solutions is a free concierge service with experienced and licensed representatives ready to help you navigate medicare options and help you enroll. If you are eligible for medicare, a supplemental or replacement plan may meet your individual needs more than the plans WWU currently offers employees. Call Alliant Medicare Solutions at 877-203-2728 to get started now. 

    Virtual Care Options through Premera:

    • 24-Hour NurseLine (FREE): Call 800-841-8343 to discuss your symptoms and get advice on where to go for care.
    • 98point6: Download 98point6 to text a board-certified primary care physician 24/7. (Services are FREE for employees on the Copay Plan. Employees on HDHP will be charged $19.06 to $62.32 per visit)
    • DoctorOnDemand (FREE, as long as you use an in-network provider): Doctors provides virtual serves for general medicine, internal medicine and dermatologists care 24/7. Visit doctorondemand.com/Premera to learn more. 
    • Talkspace (subject to $35 copay): Online therapy with a licensed clinician via private message or live video. Visit talkspace.com/Premera to learn more.
    • Omada Virtual Physical Therapy: Virtual physical therapy with a dedicated licensed physical therapist to help reduce pain and achieve lasting relief. The program provides support and individualized exercise programs to address back pain, arthritis, injury recovery, and more. For more information, visit msk.omadahealth.com/go/premera.
    • MyCare App: MyCare offers virtual care from the comfort of your home. You can be seen by a provider quickly, conveniently, and at a low cost. Through the MyCare app, you can schedule an appointment regarding primary care, health management, mental health and substance abuse, and prescriptions. Visit premera.com/visitor/mycare or download the Premera MyCare app in Google Play and the App Store.


    Annual Notices

    2023-2024 Annual Notices

    Click the link above to review the Annual Notices for 2023-2024 period. Included in this document are annual notices for the following:

    • Medicare Part D Notice
    • Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act
    • Newborns' and Mothers' Health Protection Act
    • HIPAA Notice of Special Enrollment Rights
    • Availability of Alternative Standard for Wellness Plan
    • Notice Regarding Wellness Program
    • Notice of Availability of Alternative Standard for Wellness Plan
    • Premium Assistance under Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
    • Notice of Certain Deadline Extensions and Summary of Material Modifications
    • ACA Disclaimer

    Transparency in Coverage

    In compliance of the final rule, Transparency in Coverage, we are providing access to machine-readable files (MRF) to meet the Public Access Requirement. This requirement provides free access to in-network, out-of-network and prescription drug price information. MRFs are updated monthly and listed as raw data in order to be read without human intervention. They are not intended to be user friendly for the average consumer, but lay the groundwork for a consumer-facing experience in which plan participants and other stakeholders may access current healthcare price information to aid decision-making.

    Questions? Email or schedule an appointment with josette.mcdonald@wallawalla.edu!