Walking With Jesus

Mid-week Bible study offers opportunities for spiritual growth

A mid-week Bible study that focuses on various topics related to discipleship is held each Wednesday at 12:15 p.m. in the Walla Walla University Kellogg Hall Alaska Room, conveniently adjacent to the cafeteria. The 30-minute meetings are sponsored by the WWU Chaplain’s Office. Participants look at stories in the Bible that pertain to the topic they are studying.

The discipleship theme covers many topics that relate to what it means and what it looks like to walk with Jesus. During winter quarter, topics focused on different aspects of prayer—at one meeting the study addressed answered and unanswered prayer, for example. Most recently, studies were devoted to the topic of hearing God. During spring quarter the group will talk about reading the Bible; the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus; serving others; corporate worship; church; and more.

This particular Bible study time was developed to give students an opportunity to study the Bible in the middle of the week. “Since the study is only 30 minutes long, this encourages busy students to stop by for some conversation and scripture reading,” says Paddy McCoy, campus chaplain.

“There’s something about a middle-of-the-day and middle-of-the-week mentality that we liked—something to give the students encouragement or inspiration for the rest of the week,” says McCoy. “We hope to encourage people to read their Bibles and have meaningful conversations with others to help them grow in their walk with Jesus.”

Bible study guides are distributed each week so participants can have something to focus their study on during the remainder of the week, either with a group of friends or individually. The Bible study is open to anyone who wants to participate, and anyone can join at any time throughout the quarter.

“God is always listening, and prayer has a way of changing us by opening us up to the character and love of God,” says McCoy. “It helps us be more aware of who we are and what we need most in life.”

During spring quarter, Bible studies will be lead by campus chaplains McCoy, Tommy Poole, and Katie Palumbo.

To learn more about this study option and other opportunities for WWU students to grow in their spiritual walk, please call the Chaplain's Office at (509) 527-2343.

Posted March 16, 2016

“God is always listening, and prayer has a way of changing us by opening us up to the character and love of God,” says Chaplain Paddy McCoy.