Faculty highlights: Curtis Kuhlman

Physical education professor conducts lifeguard certification classes at Camp MiVoden

Curtis Kuhlman, assistant professor of health and physical education, resumed teaching a lifeguard training and certification course for staff members at Camp MiVoden this summer. Kuhlman has facilitated this course as part of an 11-year collaboration between Walla Walla University and Camp MiVoden.

Eleven years ago, Joe Threadgill, ’91, physical education, and assistant director of Camp MiVoden at the time, invited Kuhlman to instruct lifeguard training and certification, CPR, and first aid at Camp MiVoden, marking the beginning of a long partnership between the two institutions. For nine summers in a row, Kuhlman would finish teaching his classes at WWU and then immediately drive to Hayden Lake to begin the 30 hours of instruction needed to certify camp staff members in lifeguarding before campers arrived. As a result, Kuhlman often misses graduation weekend at WWU. All lifeguards, whether certified by Kuhlman or not, must pass a lifeguarding test facilitated by Kuhlman in order to work as a lifeguard at Camp MiVoden. Kuhlman resumed his role at Camp MiVoden this summer after a two-year break during a transition in camp leadership.

Kuhlman first became a lifeguard in 1977. After taking more courses and receiving additional training, he became a lifeguard instructor, known as an LGI, and now instructs lifeguard training and certification courses at WWU, Camp MiVoden, and in other cities, including Prescott, Wash., and Athena, Ore.

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Posted August 24, 2016

Curtis Kuhlman, associate professor of health and physical education, conducts lifeguard, CPR, and first aid training and certification in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.
Staff members at Camp MiVoden receive lifeguard, CPR, and first aid training and certification.