Hiring Tools


  1. Complete a Personal Action Form (PAF) - Contact HR to start the approval process.
  2. Complete/Update Job Description (JD) - Without a JD, HR will not start the hiring process.
  3. Job Announcements - Open positions are posted on the HR employment page and other outlets.
  4. Employment Applications - Applications are screened and then forwarded to hiring manager for review.
  5. Interviewing - Hiring Manager schedules interviews.
  6. Making a Selection - Consultation with HR is required prior to communicating an offer of employment. Upon approval from HR, the hiring supervisor will verbally offer employment expressly "contingent upon satisfactory background investigation and reference check."
  7. Preparing for a New Employee - In coordination with HR, hiring manager plans for new hire orientation and paperwork.


Staff Hiring Guidelines: If you want to hire a new employee; follow the Step-by-Step guide through the hiring process.
Personal Action Form (PAF): Please contact HR to start the approval process.
Job Analysis Questionnaire JAQ-1: Used to comprehensively analyze a position for the development of a job description.
Interview Questions Library
Reference Check Questionnaire (Previous Employer)
Reference Check Questionnaire (Personal Reference)

Choosing Candidate Form: Please contact Human Resources, HR to initiate this form
Pay Rates – To view pay rates visit the Compensation page.   *Consultation and approval from the HR Department is required prior to communicating a final pay rate to a candidate.
Background Investigation Policy and Procedure