Performance Management

General information
Performance Management (PM) is a process used to assess employee performance and enhance employee development. It is a partnership between the immediate supervisor and employee used to manage an employee's contribution to the university. In most cases, this should be seen as yet another opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of WWU employees.

Staff Employees
Staff employees are evaluated as follows:
Non-Exempt (Hourly) employees receive an interim review after 90 days from day of hire and an annual review thereafter. To be eligible to participate in the performance management process, an employee must be full-time or part-time/permanent working 20+ hours per week average.
Exempt employees receive an interim review after six months from day of hire and an annual review thereafter.
Administrators fall within the guidelines for exempt employees.

Faculty Employees
Faculty employees are evaluated through the rank and tenure process.

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Performance Management: A Guide for Supervisors and Employees

Performance Management How-To for Managers

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Performance Management How-To for Employees