You’ll love it here!

Though major cities and natural wonders are never far, Walla Walla itself has plenty to do. This award-winning town has been listed among the 10 best small towns in America and 14 best cities for a first date. It's also been named the best small town for food, and friendliest small town in America. With year-round events, this list can get you started on your own tour of the Walla Walla Valley:

  1. Participate in the annual Onion Man Triathlon around Bennington Lake
  2. Attend a Walla Walla Sweets baseball game
  3. Enjoy homemade fudge, candies, and caramel apples at Bright's Candies
  4. Pick your own apples and cherries at local orchards
  5. Explore on of our 20 city parks, including Pioneer Park, designed by the planner of NYC's Central Park
  6. See a double feature at the local drive-in
  7. Watch the sunset at the historic Whitman Mission
  8. Try our award-winning downtown cuisine
  9. Attend a Walla Walla Symphony concert—the longest running symphony west of the Mississippi
  10. Join the annual Balloon Stampede
  11. Catch a play, musical, or show at the Gesa Powerhouse Theatre
  12. Visit the historic Fort Walla Walla Museum, a stop on the Oregon Trail
  13. Hit the slopes at Bluewood Ski Area
  14. Hike Palouse Falls