Meet the Staff

Residential Life & Housing

Jon Nickell

Director of Residential Life and Housing

As director of Residential Life and Housing, Jon oversees four residential halls (Conard, Foreman, Meske, and Sittner), and Village Housing. Jon, who graduated from WWU in 2011 with a bachelor's degree in psychology, has worked six summers at a youth camp in Idaho and is currently finishing his graduate degree in counseling psychology at WWU. As an undergraduate student, Jon worked in the residential halls as a resident assistant for three years and served as the men's club (OPS) president. Jon can be reached by emailing or by calling (509) 527-2539.

Amanda Ponce

Associate Dean

Amanda Ponce is the housing coordinator for the residence halls. Amanda can be reached by emailing or calling (509) 527-2533.

Dennis Anderson

Associate Dean

Dennis Anderson is the Accountability Dean for the residence halls. Dennis can be reached by emailing or calling 509-527-2112.

Katherine Gonzalez

Associate Dean

Katherine can be reached by emailing or calling (509)-527-2532.

Anthony Handal

Associate Dean

Anthony Handal is the programming coordinator for the residence halls. Anthony can be reached by emailing or calling 509-527-2113.

Dorene Hackett

Assistant Director for Off-campus Housing 

Dorene manages Village Housing, Walla Walla University's off-campus housing. Dorene joined Walla Walla University in 2014. She holds a bachelors degree in Organizational Behavior and Management, and has a well-rounded knowledge in both business practices and program development. She strives to create a safe, supportive, and educational living environment. Dorene can be reached at or (509) 527-2109.

Jazmine Nazari

Administrative Assistant

Jazmine can be reached at or (509)-527-2151.