Current Student Missionaries

Meet our 2021-2022 Student Missionaries! Thank you for praying for and supporting them with encouraging notes as they let Jesus' love shine through them wherever they serve around the world.


The student missionary experience is an integral part of Walla Walla University life. For over 60 years, Walla Walla University students have been acting on Christ’s command to love people in every nation. From teachers to radio technicians, pilots to medical workers, maintenance to media assistants, student missionaries live out the mission of Walla Walla University and the Seventh-day Adventist church.


Stepping into this experience is one of the most defining decisions a student can make. The cost is great, but the reward is greater.

Susana Aguirre-Duncan

Page All Nations SDA Church, AZ
Children's Ministries and Gardening

Audrey Beardsley

Shenandoah Valley Academy, VA
Assistant Girls Dean

Stephanie Davis

Pohnpei, Micronesia
7th grade Teacher

Sarah Dybdahl

Assistant Elementary Teacher

Aurora Gault

Gem State Academy, ID
Assistant Girls Dean

Reuben Herbel

Assistant Boys Dean

Elliott Jin

Saipan, N. Mariana Islands Maintenance/Grounds/Preschool Assist.

Barbara Kiers

Camp Waianae, Hawaii
Camp Assistant

Bethany Kiers

Camp Waianae, Hawaii
Camp Assistant

Rachel Langford

Majuro, Marshall Islands
5th Grade Teacher

Lauren Larson

Yap, Micronesia
9th Grade Teacher

Leilani Lockwood

Majuro, Marshall Islands
4th Grade Teacher

Rachel Molander

Pohnpei, Micronesia
1st Grade Teacher

Curtis Morris

Undisclosed (AFM)
Homeschool Teacher

Kristine Nicolas



Wylie Schlemmer

HMA-Ka Lama Iki, Hawaii
Teacher's Aide

Jason Sevick

Navajo Nation, Arizona
Day Camp Assistant 


Simon Sheperd

Monterey Bay Academy, California
Facilities & Cafeteria Assistant

Brendan Sickau

Portland Adventist Elementary School, OR
4th/5th Grade Classroom Assistant

Serena Vanfossen

Elementary Assistant

Samantha Wawondatu

Saipan, N. Mariana Islands
Elementary Assistant Teacher

Lowan Yip

Pohnpei, Micronesia
High School Science Teacher

Independent Student Missionaries*
Shelly Henderson Mauna Loa School, Hawaii
Alexa Johnson Bolivia
Victoria Smith Upper-Columbia Academy, Washington


*We pray for and encourage these Student Missionaries who serving outside the Walla Walla University Student Missions Program for various reasons.

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