Volunteer Ministries Coordinator Job Description


Volunteer Ministries Coordinator


FLSA Class:


Reports To:

Campus Chaplain



Hourly, 8hrs/week


Chaplain’s Office


Supervisory Responsibility:



Main Campus - CO




September 2009

Last Reviewed:




Works with Campus Chaplain, Community Service Director, University Church Staff pastor, and Assistant Chaplain for Village, to encourage students to volunteer for ministry either on campus, at the church, or in the community. Serves as the main person and face for students getting plugged into ministry, and will work to provide a regular presence at Vespers and in the Cafeteria. Must then be knowledgeable enough about volunteer opportunities on the campus, at the church, and in the community, to facilitate students getting connected with those opportunities. Main responsibility is plugging students into ministry. In order to help facilitate this process, the Volunteer Ministries Coordinator will work with the aforementioned positions to ascertain regular/ongoing as well as immediate needs on the campus, in the church, or for the community.



  1. Works directly with Assistant Chaplain for Village in coordination with both the Campus Chaplain and the Community Service Director, to develop this program.

  2. Meets weekly with Assistant Chaplain for Village as well as Elie Veverka for planning purposes.

  3. Meets once per quarter with All Campus Staff Meetings.

  4. Helps out with Campus Ministries programs as needed.

  5. Administrates the online sign-up process by checking it regularly for new recruits and sharing that information with the appropriate ministry leaders.

  6. Regularly communicates with the campus as to ongoing needs on campus, at the church, and with the community.

  7. Regularly communicates with the campus as to immediate needs on campus, at the church, and with the community via Community Center, Chaplain Weekly emails, and providing a presence at Vespers and in the Cafeteria.

  8. Works with PR Manager when appropriate for promotions of opportunities.

  9. Develops and Maintains information on WWU’s “Get-Involved” website pages.

  10. Shares names of students wishing to get involved with the appropriate ministry leaders.

  11. Communicates regularly with ministry leaders to obtain information on ministry needs and opportunities.

  12. Works with Campus Ministries & Student Missions office to stay current on WWU offerings, policies and procedures and programs.

  13. Adheres to WWU’s policies for conduct, daily processes and risk management.

  • Upholds WWU’s code of conduct and standards.

  • Uses WWU’s timekeeping, data collecting and reporting systems consistently and with discretion.

  • Abides by WWU’s risk management and safety policies.

  1. Duties and responsibilities may be added, deleted or changed at any time at the discretion of WWU senior management, formally or informally, orally or in writing.


Education – Must be Full-Time student (12 credit hours) for entire duration of employment.

Licensure/Certification – None required


  • Strong passion for Christian ministry in a team-oriented environment.

  • Exceptional social/interpersonal skills a must—clear ability to convey information positively and in a timely manner.

  • Strong organizational skills, including ability to maintain communication and manage multiple projects on deadline as directed.

  • Experience or coursework in areas of ministry, recruiting, communication, marketing or public relations.

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office including Outlook, Word and Excel a must. Proficiency with InDesign preferable.