Assistant Chaplain for Mens Residence Hall Description


Assistant Chaplain - Men’s Residence Hall

FLSA Class:


Reports To:

Campus Chaplain



Stipend, 10hrs/week


Chaplain’s Office


Supervisory Responsibility:

Yes, other music & program related student coordinators


Main Campus - CO




August 2009

Last Reviewed:





Assists the Campus Chaplain in providing spiritual care, programming, and direction to students and the campus of Walla Walla University, in hopes to lead them to Christ and a deeper relationship with their Savior. This is accomplished through a variety of means, including but not limited to prayer, visitation, Bible studies, friendship and personal evangelism, and a wide-variety of Spiritual programming such as vespers, fireside, and weeks of worship. Recruits volunteers to help provide an even wider base of student involvement and personal ministry, and provides leadership to other ministries within the Chaplain’s Office.



  1. Works with the Campus Chaplain and Campus Ministries team to identify and implement opportunities to reach out to the students of WWU in order to connect them with the gospel of Jesus Christ in the context of an Adventist university campus.

  2. Responds, in coordination with the Campus Chaplain, to campus emergencies and ministry needs related to students in crisis.

  3. Maintains a regular devotional life with Christ, growing in a knowledge of and experience with His Word, the Spirit, and the grace of God.

  4. Participates in, but avoids leading out, a weekly Small Group for accountability and growth.

  5. Develops and recommends students to be considered by the Campus Chaplain for leadership positions for the following year.

  6. Reports weekly to the Campus Chaplain via weekly meetings and ministry reports.

  7. Communicates regularly with the Campus Chaplain and Campus Ministries office concerning work hours, promoting events, and job related needs or concerns.

  8. Maintains strict confidentiality concerning information discussed or records shared that involve fellow students, faculty, or staff and other life situations.

  9. Intentionally makes ones presence known to students in his/her assigned area of ministry

  10. Works to build up their assigned ministry area via mission and vision statements as well as yearly goals in coordination with the Spiritual Life Executive Committee.

  11. Participates in required training and leadership development including annual leadership retreat, weekly leadership discussions, and other opportunities as assigned by the Chaplain.

  12. Attends the yearly NAD Campus Ministries Convention during Spring Break, if so asked to do so by the Campus Chaplain.

  13. Works with Campus Ministries & Student Missions office to stay current on WWU offerings, policies and procedures.

  14. Adheres to WWU’s policies for conduct, daily processes and risk management.

  • Upholds WWU’s code of conduct and standards.

  • Uses WWU’s timekeeping, data collecting and reporting systems consistently and with discretion.

  • Abides by WWU’s risk management and safety policies.

  1. Maintains a working understanding of the budget and works with Campus Chaplain to remain within budget and to request funds if needed.

  2. Duties and responsibilities may be added, deleted or changed at any time at the discretion of WWU senior management, formally or informally, orally or in writing.


  1. Establishes and remains in regular communication with Resident Hall Deans through RA Meetings, RA Training, and other opportunities that arise.

  2. Works collaboratively with the Assistant Chaplain for the Women’s Residence Hall to plan and facilitate the weekly Fireside Worship options in Dale Court (Sittner Hall).

  3. Assists Campus Ministries Program Coordinator with Vespers, including recruitment of participants and performance of platform coordinator duties at a minimum of twice per quarter.

  4. Provides supervision to an assigned ministry area (Small Groups) within Campus Ministries to assist the Chaplain in providing leadership that is consistent with the offerings of Campus Ministries and the WWU Campus.

  5. Organizes, with supervisory ministry team, a quarterly Service project in coordination with the Volunteer Ministries Coordinator and Community Service Director.


CM Core1 (weekly) – One hour in duration with other assistant chaplains as chaired by the Campus Chaplain for the purpose of prayer, support, encouragement, and reporting of what’s happening in assigned ministry area as well as the supervisory ministry.

CM Core2 (weekly) – Thirty-minutes in duration with the same group as above with the addition of the PR Manager, Program Coordinator, and CABL director for discussions about vespers and PR needs

Supervisory Ministry (weekly) – Thirty to sixty minutes in duration with a ministry assigned to you by the Campus Chaplain for you to provide support, accountability, and direction. Assistant Chaplain must collect their Supervisory Ministry Leader’s “Ministry Reports” at this meeting.

All Staff Meetings (once/month) – Two hours in duration with the entire Campus Ministries staff in order to fellowship and provide opportunities for prayer, encouragement, problem-solving, and support.

RA Meetings (bi-weekly minimum) – Must attend at least two per month in coordination with the Residence Hall Deans to attend to the needs of RA’s and Dean’s as well as to obtain information as to students in need.

Others as assigned by the Campus Chaplain


Student Status – Must be a full-time student (12 credit hour minimum) for the duration of employment.

Licensure/Certification – None required


  • Strong passion for Christian ministry in a team-oriented environment.

  • Exceptional social/interpersonal skills a must—clear ability to convey information positively and in a timely manner.

  • Strong organizational skills, including ability to maintain communication and manage multiple projects on deadline as directed.

  • Experience or coursework in areas of ministry, communication, or public relations.

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office including Outlook, Word and Excel a must.