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The Center for Humanitarian Engagement

The Center for Humanitarian Engagement is committed to connecting Walla Walla University with the tools and resources to promote a university-wide lifestyle of service as they serve both locally and globally.


An innovative voice bringing students and organizations together through various service opportunities. 


A relationship builder working with our local community to develop long-term plans that will further the health and growth of the valley. 


Determined to help WWU students find a calling—not just a career—through collaboration with community services.


A partner with our academic community in teaching practical knowledge that will equip WWU students for effective service.

Volunteer opportunities

Practicing kindness is part of the culture at WWU. Giving time and attention to the causes that matter most to you can bring happiness, relieve stress, and create a better community for everyone to enjoy. Students at WWU volunteer for organizations such as the Blue Mountain Humane Society, the Christian Aid Center, and Amnesty International. At WWU, ou will find opportunities to use your unique skills and abilities in service that will help you grow and find a new sense of self-esteem while you relieve suffering and contribute to the well-being of others. 

Get involved in your community

Our team

Come by the office or give us a call, we'd love to talk to you about what we're up to at CHE.

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