Student Life and Ministry Center

Help transform Kellogg Hall into a life-changing central gathering place

A student center has been needed for decades, and Walla Walla University can no longer afford to wait to make this a reality. Now’s the time to invest in a space to protect and sustain our unique ability to build community. With your help, we will completely transform 65-year-old Kellogg Hall cafeteria building into a Student Life and Ministry Center.

This transformed space will:

  • Move mission-critical service and mission departments into Kellogg Hall, where students naturally gather every day.
  • Create a campus “living room” for important social learning activities such as student government, worship, celebration, service opportunities and dining.
  • Offer strategically planned collaborative spaces to strengthen student leadership and service opportunities, and to improve collaboration and creative thinking.
  • Encourage even more in-person participation in clubs and activities, and enhance socialization.

For more information about the transformation plan and how to support it, contact us at:

Troy Patzer - Associate VP for Alumni & Advancement Services
(509) 527-2586


Dorita Tessier - Director of Gift Planning
(509) 527-2646

Ways to Give

  • Online – Donate to the SLMC Fund
  • Check – Designate to SLMC, mail to Walla Walla University
    • Advancement Office
      204 S College Ave
      College Place, WA 99324
  • Make Gifts of Property, Stocks or Other Appreciated Assets – Contact Dorita Tessier or Troy Patzer

Current Progress to Goal

A word from our ASWWU President...

Community, that collective belonging we all crave, is something that God created us for. Our togetherness matters to Him. And students need a place to be together. 

If you walk into the Atlas, our study house, you’ll find students hosting meetings or study groups, and people lingering by the counter to chat. That Atlas draws students because it has a warmth that reminds us of home. But it fills up quickly.

ASWWU events are a key part of campus life, yet we struggle to find venues that are large enough because our current Student Association Center and the Atlas are too small to hold our events. This was acutely felt on Friday nights, when students, especially those who live in the dorms, didn’t have a place to go after vespers. In response, our spiritual team created “Sabbath Sigh,” a gathering in Bowers Hall for friends to spend time together after vespers. But this space is not ideal, and it is temporary.

One of the most fun parts of being ASWWU president is simply working side-by-side with my team in the office, a small space that’s set aside for us. But the space is too small, and physically separate from other student leaders. 

We at WWU feel a strong pull towards being together. Yet none of the current settings are sufficient to meet the need for a communal space on our campus. The solution, a Student Life and Ministry Center, would create a central place where work and life could mix for all students. Today’s students are still recovering from the loneliness of the pandemic, and our underclassman are more enthusiastic than ever to be engaged on campus. The SLMC would harness this enthusiasm and help rebuild a thriving campus life. 

I’ve experienced the joy of collective belonging at Walla Walla University, and it’s up to us to ensure every student that steps on this campus can experience that, too. 

Annaliese Grellmann
Senior Humanities/Pre-Law major
2022–2024 ASWWU President